My Pencil Box (Essay Sample)

My Pencil Box

I received my pencil box from my elder brother as a birthday present with vast wishes for an exceptional career. It was the best present ever. It is rectangular and flat and is made up of strong wood covered by a blue fabric. Many times I have realized its sturdy nature when it fell by mistake on the ground. Even as it was fallen on the ground it never showed any kind of damage to the accessories placed inside it.

Inside my pencil box, I have 2 erasers I use them to erase my mistakes, a ruler I use it during my maths lessons, a pencil sharpener I use it to sharpen my pencils, a glue stick I use it to stick my book cover, a USB key I use it to save my soft copy documents, a compass I used it during my geography lessons, pencils of different colors which help me to write, mini stickers and pens of different colours. I love color blue, and I, therefore, find my pencil box vastly beautiful. My pencil box has a hard and rigid shell and is decorated with stickers of stationery. My pencil box is colorless and black on the backside. My pencil box is 12 cm long and 2cm wide.

The inner section of the box is designed separately, and thus there are various parts where I can place my stationery. I organize my pencil box neatly, and I access it with ease as am very familiar with it. I find my pencil box useful and thus systemize it every night after dinner to keep it neat and organized. I also take care of it every time, whether during school days or tuition session. I have a manual from the company that the box was bought, and it helps me use my pencil box correctly.

My pencil box allows me to place all my necessary accessories together in one place. The box allows me to carry my small items easily. My pencil box occupies 50% importance compared to my other study materials. I once lost my pencil box, I was confused whether I left it in the school or in tuition class and I was so devastated. I spent a lot of time searching for it. My parents promised to buy a new one for me but I was not ready to take any other apart from my original pencil box. I looked for it all over, in my class, the tuition area and even in the school bus but I could not find it. During the weekend when I was organizing my room I was lucky to find it under the bed I was thrilled.

I love my pencil box more than anything else in the world, nothing can replace the space it occupies in my heart. I have been using it for the past three years and in good condition, due to the attachment I have developed towards it, I plan to keep it safe and give it as a present to my firstborn in future in her first birthday.  lf I will be blessed with one.

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