My Past Life (Essay Sample)

My Past Life

Life is always essential for a person’s well-being because it represents how it can facilitate decisions, activities, and the existence of an individual. Each person can on only live once, which enhances the credibility of the organization to become productive as well as to ensure that the level of their credibility becomes responsive to environmental stimuli. Life is always precious that all organisms want to maximize this opportunity so that they can establish a fruitful and productive well-being that can inspire other individuals. However, past life is something that is considered sensitive because there are different arguments that could tackle about the norms and the practices that past life events can influence our present generation. This paper aims to discuss about my past life that makes a significant reason to my existence in life.

If you are basing from flashbacks, my past life can be recalled as a person from the past generation who also lived in a simple life from the previous generation. It was a generation that learned something different due to the existent facilities and situation that are comparable in the present society. My past life reveals a story on how I successfully managed my life gracefully until my demise and then reborn in the present day. For this reason, past life is a significant measure for myself to become true to my past activities because there are background of interests that can generate a significant improvement with my present activities. Although others find it weird, my past life reveals that I have a mission in the present society where I can show relevant information from the previous activities that can be corrected.

The advantage of having a past life is that you are able to recall your past experiences in your present body that reflects your previous status. Your spiritual essence will bring you the norms and practices that you have already been applied from your past life, which could ensure that you will prevent past mistakes that happened in the past. This is similar with the accomplishments made from the past that it can be continued from the present day as your second life. The disadvantage is that your re-existence in the present day will generate a few believers. The reason behind is that there are interests of the general population have yet to prove this theorem in their studies. Lack of evidence pointing towards the past life endangers a person’s susceptibility to become reliable due to the narrative experience being shared without citing relevant facts.

The learning insight that can be taken from this story is the ability of an individual to share their thoughts and experiences to others. For this reason, sharing informative scenarios and experiences creates a relative advantage to the routine of an individual towards others. The relevance of revealing the past life may not be an easy task to fulfill, but it is still important for the world to know that there are such things that comprehends with the traditional belief and values in the present society. My past life reveals that there are helpful practices from the past that allow your present body to change it and will start performing a productive lifestyle. Reminiscing past life enhances a creative framework for individuals to become aware about unconventional issues that relates with their present activities and issues in the present life (Harvey, 2012).


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