My Name Is Khan (Reaction Paper Sample)

The story of “My name is Khan” discuss many issues that our society needs to look up, from addressing the health concerns, respecting different religious beliefs and cultural background and a lot more. In which this Bollywood film tries to visualize to everyone who gets to watch the movie..

The story begins with Rizvan Khan, a person diagnosed with a sickness called Asperger condition, where being interrogated as he landed on San Francisco airport. When the office had to let him go, he curiously ask on why would he wants to see the President. He then responded with an interesting line saying that “My name is Khan and I’m not terrorist”.  Before this scenario, Khan was showed to be a typical US immigrant that arrived at California who is looking for better opportunity in life in which sooner he met Mandira, a single mother who works as a hairdresser. Not long, they decided to get married and while for some he might be considered to be socially-ill person but found happiness and contentment in his life with his new founded family. Things change when the issue of 9/11 bombing came into the scene. Sameer, the son of Mandira, was killed due to a racist attack and from that Mandira puts her rage towards Khan, because he was a Muslim, and most people out there during the terror attack considers Muslim as terrorist. She demands that Khan leave her be, and this where his journey on talking to president begins.

The great idea here focuses on few social issues; one is that Muslims are branded to be terrorist and that deeply hurt the society of Muslims in the America as for they believe that humans either a Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim or whatever he may believe in life can be considered to be “good” or “bad” individual. The movie puts the identification and strong emphasis that we should be living in harmony towards other people whatever their culture background is and that is respecting them. Next thing that is highlighted on the movie is the relationship between Khan and his wife, Mandira. The two of them have an opposite belief, Khan was a Muslim and Mandira was a Hindu ethnicity. These kind of issue have been existing in many years, and this inflicted many conflicts towards other people as it causes barrier or setting limits apart from other people. In another concern here is the sickness that struck Khan, it wasn’t his fault to be born with such condition, but since most of people have stigmas towards such conditions that it was so hard for them to accept others dilemma. But despite, the things happened to him, Khan proved above all that he is a good Muslim, a caring person and someone who loves people even if he was not treated fairly before. And the road towards his goal is very difficult, since it was near impossible for a man like him to go near and talk to the president he still strive and move along even if puts him in greater danger each time he tries to get closer. Moreover, the movie tried to uplift the concern for the racial discrimination on United States. It was his best intention to clear off his name in the list of watch list for possible terrorist.

To conclude my idea for the movie, I am greatly moved by the strong and powerful scenarios that was given life by the actors and actress as they pinpoint the reality of our society on how we judge other people either by colour, race and other details that sets most people apart. Definitely I’d be glad to recommend this movie to my friends and anyone who wanted to get a clear pictures on what it feels like living in different land.

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