My Mother Daily Routine (Essay Sample)

My Mother Daily Routine

Most mothers are amazing, be it recognized and acknowledged by those around her or by their right as becoming the light of their household. Needless to say, for any amazing super moms, it is a question to many how they juggle their lives. Personally speaking, my mom is one of those working moms who also tries her best to make sure to care for her kids while efficiently performing her tasks as a professional.

Speaking of my mother, before I tell you about her schedule, here is some facts about her. My mother is a Pediatrician, basically a doctor who treats children. Of course, some doctors do not have toxic or hectic schedules but my mom is very special. Entitled as one of the best Pediatricians of our city, patients from all over the region go out of their way in order for their child to be treated by her and there is not a day when she meets a small number of patients due to commendable skills.

So how does my mother divide her daily routine knowing how hectic each day is for her?

Honestly, her week is pretty much divided into two groups: MWF or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and TAT Sat Sun or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. (These two schedules will be mentioned as MWF and TTh S1S2 in order to avoid unnecessary repetitions). Her weeks are divided into these two groups due to her working in different hospitals and clinics, a total of six which is another reason why she treats so many patients.

So for MWF, my mother has an early start of around seven in the morning. After preparing our breakfast, she either lists a recipe for me or one of my siblings if I too, have duties in the hospital, to cook later on for lunch before she does her morning routine of bathing or showering and pampering herself before she drives off to work. Once in work, my mother takes her time in doing her morning rounds. She does her morning rounds meticulously in order to check up on her confined or in-patients, asking the nurses details on their regularly taken vital signs and asking the patients directly on how they feel, if anything hurt, and more. Once she is done with her rounds, should she be required to catch (a term used in order lend a hand in the operating room with an Obstetric Gynecologist), she immediately goes into the operating room where she treats the newborn children before transferring them to the nursery room. Even as a busy mother, she never forgets to regularly check up on us and if she is lucky that her morning work is done before ten hits, and then she goes home to rest a bit, cooks and eats lunch with us and then leaves another recipe for dinner before starting her clinic at two in the afternoon. Lastly, once she is done she goes home and spends the night catering to her kids and resting while always being ready for any emergency case.

As for the TTh S1S2, my mother tends to wake up earlier since the hospital she goes to is quite far from the others. She starts at five in the morning and cooks us breakfast. Instead of leaving one recipe behind, she leaves two due to these days being the busiest of the week and she tends to go home at around one in the morning. After her much needed preparation, she goes to one of her clinics and tends to her patients early. Furthermore, THe S1S2 are also the days she assists OB GYNs so majority of her time is already eaten until the afternoon. When lunch time hits, hers specifically two in the afternoon, she takes that short resting period in order to check up on us by calling my dad, and us siblings. Fast forward to three in the afternoon, she then starts her second clinical duties and tends to more than twenty patients during this interval, the only time she would stop tending to them is when an emergency happens. Once all has been said and done in the hospital, it is one in the morning or later; however, if she is lucky enough that her duties end earlier, she goes home and rests better.

So there you have it. What about your supermom, how does she do her daily routine?

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