My Lovely Person (Essay Sample)

My Lovely Person

Life can be challenging if no one supports and appreciates us. Each of us as human beings needs to be appreciated and to receive a helping hand. This is the case for a newborn. It cannot help itself; it has to be cared for. If it is not nurtured to good health, it cannot survive. Among those who inspire and support everyone, there is always a special person whose presence in our life assures us of a smile and confidence. For me, it is my father.

My father worked hand-in-hand with my mother to see that I received the best in my early years. He was there, beside the bed when I was born, I am told. He then stood by my mother as she nursed me, and as I grew older. He, together with my mother, could sing me lullaby songs till I fell asleep. Fast forward and ten years later, my mother passed away, leaving me in the hands of my dad. And indeed, his hands are strong. My father single-handedly nurtured me, saw me through elementary school and provided for every single need that I came up with, ensuring that I had the best. All along, he did not let me grow into a spoilt child. He reminded me that life is not a bed of flowers and that hard work, discipline, and commitment were key elements in my life.  Today, I am a grown man and I owe a lot to my father. To this day, I still consider my father to be my best friend, not because I grew into a social misfit but because I became a sociable, competent, and happy individual whose success draws the attention of many. His advice remains invaluable and I can call him at any time to inquire about anything.

One thing has always perplexed me about my father. When I was still a young boy at the tender age of 6, my father lost his job. For a month, he remained jobless but whenever my mother asked him about looking for a new job, he always said God had good plans. It is during that period when I spent the most time with my father, and as he sat me down, he told me about the challenges of life. He encouraged me that everything goes well for those who work hard and trust in God. Two months later, he got an even better job. Whenever I face challenges, I do remember such experiences that he encountered. I feel favored. My father taught me that life is not all about money but values, dedication, and belief in people, treating people right.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned over the years is discipline. During my elementary years, I learned to wake up early, study hard and respect rules and regulations. I have grown up setting my own targets in every aspect of life, and it has worked well for me. Much of the target setting was in line what my father taught me about working hard and working smart. I see a bright future before me, not because of sheer luck but due to the solid strategies and plans that I have put in place, thanks to my father’s good advice and steadfast love.

In conclusion, few people can play the central role that my father played in my early life and still remain committed to seeing that I succeed in my adult life. One might argue that a mother, a friend, or a brother can effectively play that role but for me, my father has more than just been a father figure: he is my lovely person.

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