My Ideal Leader (Essay Sample)


As a person or a group, we always seek a reference person to resonate our skill and knowledge. Having an ideal leader is important because every person should have a guide or supporter that enlightens their skill and attitude to improve their performance. As a follower, we always need a leader who will always lead us the way. In this case, having an effective leader is essential because they associate us with the background and capability to bring us to a productive endurance to accomplish a certain task efficiently. We often associate our values and principles that have been set-up by our leaders because their thinking capacity and actions make us motivated to follow what they have already contributed to our society.

My ideal leader is a quick thinker because we always want an immediate accomplishment to every scenario that is needed to be settled. As a leader, having the capability to accomplish things in a quick manner enables us to correlate our values and understanding to the practices that we made. Leaders who are quick witted are always granted with the ability to accomplish tasks effectively and accurately. It is important to finish any task ahead of time because as a leader, we always want change and improvements that can improve our values and abilities to improve our skills. An ideal leader that always thinks fast inspires their followers because they are able to show that they are already expert or have mastered a certain routine that can elicit productive practices. Decisions that are made ahead of time increase the capability of managing time effectively. The reason behind is that we are able to lend out extra time to start other tasks to fulfill our goals.

An ideal leader is always responsible for letting their decisions known. As a leader, the character of being affectionate to their followers provides a role to improve their character that can engage in a healthy relationship. This is because leaders are always responsible for upholding the behaviors and attitudes of their followers to prevent any distant relationship with each other. Improving the values of the workplace allow leaders to become more responsible for the decisions made by their followers. In this case, following the hearts and the desires of their followers indicate that leaders are always available to improve their productivity. Encouraging interpersonal relationships between two individuals in the workplace is important because it prevents any risk of developing conflicting interests or misunderstandings at work.

Some say that a leader should have a competitive background; however, an effective leader does not agree that background is always the main basis. This is because it is their present actions that matters most to benefit their follower’s interests. Whenever a leader is ready to fulfill the vision and tasks of their followers, it indicates that they are ready to ensure that their productivity becomes reliable with other stakeholders. An ideal leader is reliable and trustworthy so that they can always gain the cooperation with other individuals. Their influence makes them influential to their followers because they are able to coordinate and teach their followers using their character, leadership, and empathy. These three issues make a leader effective, which could help improve the character of a person to become more reliable with their respective jobs and actions that influence an efficient social policy (Clasen, 2013).


  • Clasen (2013) Defining Comparative Social Policy. New York: Academic Press.
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