My Goal In Life (Essay Sample)

Goals in life

Walking at the beach side, waiting for the sun to set with the person I love the most. Our grandkids are making sand castles and collecting seashells. We sat on the seaside letting the water run on our feet while reminiscing the memories of our youth. I can still remember the day I met you, that day felt so enchanted. As I was walking towards you I saw you smile, the most beautiful smile that I feel for. We spend that night drinking coffee and talking about life, I instantly knew you would be the person that I will be marrying. We got into a relationship and faced challenges but remained strong. We fought for our love even there seemed to be a lot of struggle.

After all the hardships we have been through, we are still together for each other. Now that we are already financially settled and both have a career, we decided to settle down. Our dream wedding was perfect. All the details from the theme, color, the church and the reception; we worked hard for it and now it came true. After the wedding, we celebrated our honeymoon in Paris. After a year, we have been blessed with a bouncing baby boy that we prayed for. Everything was perfect and happy, there are some small fights sometimes but we still manage to say sorry and get back on track. We get busy most of the times because of our businesses but we never forget to take good care of our family.

Now that we are old, we are still together and I am very thankful that God has given me all the blessings I have especially a partner like you. There is no other way I would like the story of my life written. Everything that has happened to me is perfect and just right. Now that I have reached my age of retirement I will wholeheartedly and proudly give all my businesses to my kids and I am hopeful that they will take good care of it so that my grandchildren’s will take over when their time come.

My ultimate goal in life is to find someone who will love, accept and believe in me. I want to be a successful and businessperson and a loving partner to the person that I will marry. I will do my very best to achieve my goals of having a family and be a responsible parent to my future kids. I will start a small business I will make it grow. I will also help my parents and give them back all the love and support they have given me.

My future will be bright because I have faith that God will give me all the desires of my heart as long as I will retain my faith and combine it with patience and hard work. I know everyone will fulfill his or her dreams just by believing in oneself. Just like me, none should stop dreaming, but dreaming should be accompanied by plans. Being a disciplined individual will also help me in achieving my goals.

Whatever my future may hold for me I will never stop striving to be a better self of me. Even if I will be given a different path, I will always go back to the track wherein I am my truest self. I will remain grounded and I will never forget the roots of my success. The people who supported me and guided me will always be part of who I am going to be in the future, and my achieved goals will surely become the testimonies of my handwork.

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