My Favourite Sport – Running (Essay Sample)

Like anyone else who has a favorite, I also crave for running. My day or my week would not be complete if I haven’t done my regular run. To other people it may seem like a tiring and meaningless thing but for me it is just the best thing ever. Onlookers may just see a person spending a lot of energy, exhausting himself to the hardest of his breath. Maybe to others they see someone getting himself so tired or even perhaps someone who is pushing or punishing himself just to be healthy. But it is really not the case for me. Running does not take away all my energy. In fact, I gain even so much more energy to do more things if I run. I am not pushing or punishing myself to be healthy. It is actually very rewarding and fulfilling.

Everyday I do my usual routine – wake up and go to school. That may sound just two simple things. But within the details of “go to school” it is a very chaotic and tiring world. “Go to school” means literally taking myself to school, passing by people and things on the way worrying about being late or of how to keep myself awake through the entire class or of how awkward it is again to sit among classmates or thinking if I have done all my homeworks and I didn’t leave anything behind. “Go to school” means sitting through an entire class drifting in and out of daydreams and realities, and then sitting through another class, and another and another one. It means that I have to find a place to conveniently eat my lunch. It means stopping by the library and doing small talks with everyone. In short, it means something stressful. But all these goes away when I run. So many people gets too stressed because their stress piles up everyday and are barely released. Or they never get a refill of the feel good hormones. Running do these for me. When I run, all the negativity I feel just goes away. I will feel so great and energized. If you ever heard about runner’s high, it’s a real thing. It just feels super good to run. It replenishes back the motivation, the determination, the courage, the contentment, the peace, and all other good things.

Some people would resort to drinking to destress. Others would go shopping to feel better. People go for their favorite things to do in order to feel better. They may not do it always. They may only do it when the stress has piled up too high. And sometimes these favorites that they choose are not always good for them – like how too much alcohol can be dangerous, and how too much shopping can lead to debts. With running, I keep myself healthy and my pocket just as healthy. I do not need to spend money to do my favorite thing. Unlike alcohol, instead of risking myself to do dangerous things through delayed response and clouded thinking, running makes my mind sharper. It does not only do good to my physical health but it is very beneficial for my mental wellness as well.

The list of how I love running can be endless. Running is my favourite sport more than any other sport.

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