My Favorite Game: Soccer (Essay Sample)

My Favorite Game: Soccer

Games make the world a great place to live. While professional games are played by a relatively small percentage of the global population, they do more than entertain the fans- they have many diverse benefits to participants. Of the many different types of games played in parts of the world, soccer has got my attention as my favorite.

Soccer is an outdoor game, mostly played in Europe, South America, and in various parts of the world. Unlike American football and cricket, soccer players do not wear protective gear. The most renowned soccer league is the English premier league which generates billions of pounds annually in ticket sales, and advertisement revenue. A soccer team is composed of 11 players. Therefore a match has 22 players, 11 drawn from each team, a referee, and two linesmen on each side of the pitch. A player basically needs to have a jersey, a short, socks, and a pair of boots. To score, each team moves the ball from its side to the opposing side’s goal.

Some of the rules in soccer include: a player can use any part of the body to play except the hands; only the goalkeeper is permitted to handle the ball; win the ball fairly and not by shoving other players aside or tackling them roughly, and offside goals are not allowed.  A violation of some basic rules results in a yellow card. When a player violates rules for the second time, he is shown a red card and has to leave the field. Some mistakes such as deliberately handling the ball while still in play result in automatic red card thus the player has to exit the field of play.

Soccer has numerous benefits to players and spectators. First, it is a thoroughly entertaining game as fans enjoy seeing a striker (forward) maneuver through the opponent’s defense to score a goal. Midfielders are charged with supplying balls to strikers to score, while defenders ensure that opposing strikers do not score. It is enticing to watch players perform wonderful tactics such as dribbling the ball using legs, knees, the chest, or scoring a corner-kick using the head. For players, it improves their physical health as they run up and down thus burning calories in their bodies. They are also required to exercise regularly to maintain their form. Like any other game, soccer also reinforces teamwork. Each player has to perform his duty for the team to win. For instance, if the midfielder does not support the striker, the team will lose. Many economies also collect billions of money in revenues. An example is England whose economy is significantly boosted by soccer revenue. The salaries that professional soccer players earn are awesome, some earning close to 1 million pounds per week.

Some of the most renowned soccer players in the world include Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal), Robin Van Persie (Netherlands), Wayne Rooney (England), Neymar (Brazil), and Lionel Messi of Argentina. Most of these players currently or previously played in the English premier league, Spanish La Liga, or the Italian Serie A, with each making a name for himself due to his prowess. As a striker, when Christiano Ronaldo, for instance, receives a pass from a midfielder, fans of his team are almost always sure that he will score due to his agility and speed.

In conclusion, soccer is an entertaining game whose global fanatical following has at times been considered religious. From Europe to Africa and the American continent, soccer is a lovable game, with health, economic, and social benefits to players and fans. It is more than just a game- it is an inspiration and a livelihood.

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