My Favorite Color – Pink (Essay Sample)

My Favorite Color – Pink

In the present day, pink represents softness, which creates a way for the public to understand the essentials of utilizing a color that is neutral to all demographic issues. Pink has been known to be the favorite color of women as well as female children because it represents their gender when they use a material that is colored pink. In our society, pink generated a stereotype that makes the public to understand that pink is only for the women. However, our society is now becoming more diverse in the present society wherein pink is now becoming a neutral color for every person regardless of their gender. Sexual orientation has been prejudiced due to the association with pink color that has been relevant to the person’s association of a specific gender.

My favorite color is pink because it represents my personality as a person with a pure heart and soul. Speaking of personality, pink has been wrongly represented due to its association with gender specific norms and practices. In the present day, pink is not only applicable to girls but for the boys as well. This is depending on the clothes that they wear, the items that they use, and the structure that they dwell for a certain period of time. When I see the pink color, it reminds me of my favorite items such as toys, appliances, furniture, and electronic gadgets that are customized to suit my personality. In this case, wearing items that are colored in pink maximises my whole personality in a new level because I can be able to establish an image that is unique from other people because of my interests and practices.

Pink is thought to be applied specifically for females. This is a culture that has been applied by conservative groups that always wants to preserve their tradition without accepting the changes and transitions of the society. The modernization process of our new society is capable of widening the knowledge and application of theorems of our society’s interests whenever we are going to apply our sensitivity on the things that we love and share. In this case, pink has been transitioning from a conservative color into a modernized shade so that the society will embrace the new face and identity of the pink color. In relation to my personality, I believe that it is completely transitioning because there are several factors that are associated with my interest and values that are projected to adjust with my present condition.

My favorite color has always been pink. The reason behind is that I want to preserve my own interest even if I am already getting old. The color pink is not only associated with the younger generations because it is an interest that affects anyone in our society for rendering their identities to the public. The interesting part of maximizing the heritage of the pink color is having the ability that adjust to the changing circumstances that every person should address. Overall, pink stimulates a transitioning environment that allows every individual to improve their productive response of changing the cultural perspectives of our present community. In this case, pink is now becoming a versatile color because it associates with the social norms and practices that are slowly becoming modernized and acceptable to the community of interest at a certain period of time (Stamber, 2014).


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