My Favorite Book – Harry Potter (Essay Sample)

My Favorite book – Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series remains one of the most read and celebrated pieces of literature. The Harry Potter books highlight the idea of wizarding, painting the picture of the world so incredible that the reader gets immersed in the writer’s description of an almost utopian world. While books in the entire Potter series are my best, one specific book “The Goblet of Fire” is particularly special to me; it is my favorite.

“The Goblet of Fire” caught my attention the moment I read the first few sentences. Although I had read most of the earlier releases in the Potter series, none of them was as tantalizing and articulate as “The Goblet of Fire.” The concept of a wizarding world larger than Hogwarts is brought to light in the previous three books but in “Goblet of Fire,” the idea of a larger wizarding world is emphasized and brought to reality. “Goblet of Fire” is a book that marks a transition from the previous releases, as it is written from a relatively more mature perspective. In the book, Rowling gives a vivid description of two more wizarding schools which visit Hogwarts in preparation for the so-called “Tri-Wizard Tournament.”

The idea of the Quidditch World Cup in the first chapters of the book is so vividly described that the reader begins to imagine an alluring Tri-Wizard Tournament, surrounded by exceptionally competent wizards. The book presents scenes where the young Harry is forced into deadly situations reserved for older wizards during the tournament. The character Voldemort is transformed from an imaginary person into a real-world physical being. In the previous books of the series, the character was treated as an idea that threatens the world. Making the character a real, tangible person sets the book and its characters’ experiences on a whole new level.

Throughout the author’s narrations, “Goblet of Fire” retains an adventurous and youthful approach evident in the previous books in the series. The characters in the book are fully developed, and their descriptions are filled with action and adventure. For instance, the Hogwarts children interact effectively with other wizarding students. The author vividly describes the events at the tournament as children work in collaboration socializing during the Christmas Ball.

For someone who loves seeing the magical world through the eyes of Harry, the book is irresistible. Harry often treats the reader to such spectacles as flying in a magical car and finding parents. Some scenes such as the awkward school dance during the tournament, combined with the various tricks employed by magicians present growing up as a fun-filled yet dangerous period in the life of various characters. Readers are treated to the thrill of various fantasies that only the magical world can offer. The children in the play literally transform into adults and their youthful naivety is so well captured in J.W. Rowling’s descriptions with such powerful curses as Avada Kedavra which supposedly kills the enemies instantly.

In conclusion, the Harry Potter series is a single story told through various pieces, each setting up a platform for subsequent books in the series. Humans are so lost in the real world full of challenges and negative experiences that a chance to go to a magical utopia-like trip greatly excites me. “The Globe of Fire” and other Harry Potter series books grant me that opportunity, making it my favorite book.

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