My Everyday Hero (Essay Sample)


They say that heroes are not born, but made. However, not every hero must and should do extraordinary things such as saving a person falling from a building or risking his own life to save a child from a burning house. Rather, heroes could exist everywhere and every day without us noticing how these people change our lives. Some of these everyday heroes are those people who do their base in order to serve others, whether it be their family, their neighbors, their country, or even anyone in the whole world. Some examples of them are teachers, doctors, soldiers, and even our moms and dads who are doing their best to provide us with everything that we need to face our dangerous journey through life. In my case, my own everyday hero is my dad. Although he and others don’t even notice how important his job as a clerk is, I see him as no less than a hero who is always there to guide us through our emotional, personal, and financial needs to overcome difficulties in our lives. Being a clerk is not an easy task. As some people consider it as a job which pays less than the efforts that one exert, clerks are one of the foremost examples of people doing their best in order to serve other people. Thus, this is the reason why I believe that my dad is not only a hero in our eyes but even in the eyes of their clients and shoppers. My dad does his job with utmost enthusiasm and never even forgets to smile. His smile is also one of his greatest features and just by giving one he always makes the day of me and the other people who surround him.

Aside from my dad, my other everyday hero in my life is my mom. While others would say that being a housewife is only a menial task, I would like to disagree with these statements as much as possible. What other people know is that being a housewife is a very difficult task which requires a lot of technical knowledge and also experience. In fact, knowledge so immense that may even makes them your everyday superheroes rather than just your regular everyday hero. One of the most distinguishing superpowers of my mom is her unending energy. She starts her day earlier than anyone else and she also ends it later than anyone else. My mom could do task that even me and my dad combined would miserably fail to do, such as cooking, cleaning the house, and even maintaining it. My mom also has acute senses, which make it easier for her to make every task that she does as perfect as possible. She can see, feel, and even smell problems such as during the time when she smelled a gas leaking from our basement, when no one else has. Thus, despite what others tell me about housewives, I believe that my mom and other housewives out there are no less than everyday ‘superheroes’, which would make the world a terribly miserable place to live in.

Contrary to what most people would say, heroes exist everywhere and every day in our lives. Most of the time people would say that these people could not even be called as heroes because what they do is too mundane to even be called as such. On the contrary, I believe that the main reason why these people should be called as heroes is that the mundane things that they do are too heroic, despite being taken-for-granted by others. And, just like my mom and dad, these everyday heroes must be given our utmost thanks and adoration.

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