My Essay Help: General Essay Writing Tips

Essays are an integral part of almost everyone’s life. Students have to write them, parents to read through and lecturers to grade them. There are also those who take up careers in writing. These writing jobs can be in the capacities of transcribers who convert audios and video files into written word, career essay writers, novelists and playwrights just to name a few. What is common among these different writers is the need for flexibility.

Essaywriting Basics

This means that as a writer, one has time constraints to beat and therefore portability of the gadget or writing tool is essential. There are writing tools that are browser based which can solve both the flexibility and portability issues. This is because one can access their essay from anywhere without necessarily having the original gadget. This essay gives writing essay basic tips for better written work. It is obvious that any writer should arrange her ideas in a coherent manner. This may sound easy but it is much harder than it seems. Luckily there are several tools that one can use to develop and arrange ideas. These can be mind mapping applications, idea management tools like Wridea and web based notebooks like cherry tree.


The first thing that one considers is the text editor. It should be cluster free and easy to use. Quabel and WriteApp are two such editors. The editor should also be edit-lockable. This normally helps the writer stay focused on writing and do the editing later as one can set a predetermined time limit which has to elapse before one can edit their document. Ilys is an example of an affordable editor that can be easily edit-locked. If one’s editor does not have the word count capability, one can use wordcounter. This is important as most essays normally have a required minimum and maximum threshold. Formatting plays can be a headache and a time-consuming effort.

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This is however a thing of the past as applications like Plotbot can be used to format class plays leaving the writer with less to worry about. BibMe helps students come up with a bibliography page without the hustle of having to type the needed works out. It also helps with citations as specified by the user. In the spirit of staying focused so that one can finish the set essays on time, one can invest in website blockers such as StayFocusd and LeechBlock. Everyone suffers from procrastination. Writers, especially students are worst hit by this yet their work is the most sensitive. Procrastination comes in many forms and is at times referred to as writers’ block. To better manage time and produce better outputs one can use pomodoro technique. It is a technique that times time for performing a set task interchanged with rest intervals. One can either use a timer for this or tomatoes website. One can also deal with writers’ block through proper use of writing prompts. These are normally interesting sites that give you different tasks to work on. As much as this might be unrelated to what one might be writing at the moment, they keep the imagination and creative juices flowing. These are just a few of the many tools disposable to students today. If properly used, they have the capability of turning a mediocre writer into a great one. Here’s to hoping you utilize at least a few.

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