My Dream Wedding (Essay Sample)

My Dream Wedding

It is typical for a person to have their ideal wedding when they finally meet the man or woman they want to spend the rest of their life with. Some already have a picture of the gown or tuxedo they will use in their head. As for me, I am a person who is very particular about everything, especially how the ceremony will become memorable and the food. These are 2 of the most things in a wedding for me. There will be at least 200 guests in my wedding because my family and friends should be able to join us. Accommodations near the vineyard will be available for them so they won’t be late or have to travel far to arrive in the area.

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The wedding will be set in Tuscany, Italy because I want it to be in a vineyard, on top of a hill. My gown will be a designed by Maggie Sottero because her collection is very chic and elegant. I do not want it to be too long because the wedding will be in a vineyard I want to enjoy the breeze as much as possible. The color motif of the wedding is off-white and marsala red which will be the color of my entourage. The flowers will be stargazers and lilies because they are my favorite. There will be an 8-piece string quartet and a wedding singer to make the ceremony more solemn and memorable. I already have a list of wedding songs that I want to be sung during the ceremony so they’ll know what to do. The next thing I want to mention is the menu which will be a combination of French and Italian. I do not want my guests to stand up to get food so they can expect that it will be a 7-course sit-down dinner. With classical music playing in the background. Since I know that most of my relatives are very particular about food, I will make sure that everything is scrumptious and made only from natural ingredients.

The bridal car will be a white Maserati because I want to arrive in style and it is one of the best Italian cars out there. The wedding ceremony will start at 5 pm because I do not want my guests to feel uncomfortable if it will be too hot. I will make sure they will not regret wearing their best cocktail dresses to me wedding because they will be comfortable. Since the wedding will be in a vineyard, only the best wines will be available for the guests to consume and it will be an open bar.

The design of the invitation will be done by my friend who is an excellent calligrapher so that it is handmade and guests can already feel the mood of the wedding upon receiving them. I do believe that a beautiful invitation sends a message to the guests that they are important enough to be part of this memorable experience in one’s life. The ring bearer will be my friend’s son and the flower will be my niece.

I want my wedding to be perfect and memorable because it is a time when 2 people will unite and take on the world together while sharing the love they will keep for a lifetime.

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