My City Clean City (Essay Sample)

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My City Clean City

Portland in Oregon is situated in Columbia and Willamette rivers near Hood Mountain. The green city is known for its tourist attraction sites and ecosystem that is friendly. I love the city since it is clean, quiet and more so for its thriving art and music scenes. The town is my earth paradise.

I love Portland due to its favorable atmosphere which is quiet for resting, working and for tourism. The city is clean and safe to live in. The residential apartments are designed in a way that they face the roads with green fencing separating them.  The apartments are self-contained with good electrification, piping system for water and drainage. The backyard usually has a garden where one can do subsistence farming such as flowering and for a vegetable. The pavements are clean with white slabs that pass through neatly trimmed grass fields with trees that provide shade during the warm summer. On the same note, the shopping malls are situated at walking distances which serve the population 24/7. This is aided by the street lighting system hence no need to be afraid when crossing the street to buy an item.

On a separate note, Portland is safe. For every five hundred meter distance, you have to meet a sheriff of the town on duty who are ready to assist on any problem. I love the way the sheriff coordinate in the town. For example, there is usually a monthly meeting with the city residence at the sheriff’s station with the town where people share their views regarding the security as well as sharing their views on how the security would be elevated to the next level. Therefore, the residents of the town feel safer due to the strategic security plans that are in place.

Besides, Portland is a multicultural city which is more advantageous to the residents. The population in the town is multiethnic hence people learn different cultures and embrace peaceful coexistence. The town is unique since it usually holds a multicultural day. This day is usually special since people wear their cultural clothes, cook traditional foods and presents different aspects of their unique cultures. Thus, we learn different languages in Portland city.

Portland City promotes equity in education. Students in different schools have freedom and equal access to education hence one can access much more of the education system. This is different from Sri Lanka where people study to a certain age. Therefore, accessibility to the education system is free for all up to the university level so long as the student meets the cutoff point requirements.

Portland City offers high job opportunities to the residents. There are many companies and institutions where a qualified resident could get a job that is related to the field of study. Besides, there are many business opportunities within the city hence an entrepreneur can start any enterprise. On a separate note, there are fast food ventures that are located within the city hence one can find a part-time job to gain experience while still attending the school. Lastly, Portland City is a tourist town. There are numerous points of interest within the town such as Washington Park, Portland Japanese Garden, Forest Park, Oregon Zoo, Pittock Manson and Lan Su Chinese Garden among others. These places are famous where people enjoy the views at their leisure times and during holidays.

In conclusion, there is no other way of describing Portland city apart from being a green a city. Portland is part of my life due to free air, green look with no garbage. However, its uniqueness is the thriving arts such as hanging flower pots as well as the installed waste disposal bins in different locations for the collection of general waste and recyclable wastes. The collected garbage is recycled taken to private entities within the city. Besides, I love the city due to its multicultural nature and musical scenes and tourism. Therefore, Portland is my earthly paradise.

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