My Childhood Friend (Essay Sample)

My Childhood Friend

Memories of my childhood still linger on my mind as I remember my friends and the manner in which I interacted with a number of them. Childhood was all about making friends and playing games together. This was a sign of love among children, and our parents were proud and happy to see us in that way. Despite having some friends, there is that one friend that I still recall because of the good friendship that we had built together. Warren is my childhood friend as we have been neighbors since we were young up to date. In my view, our friendship began with our parents because as we were friends, I trust that this influence the family friendship which later bore ours. To me, I see Warren as a brother to me rather than being a friend. He was a short, neat boy with brown eyes and brown in complexion. His warm and caring personality is what that made his inner-self to turn out to be beautiful at all times.

Despite the fact that we lived about a mile far from each other at some point, amid the mid-year we were indistinguishable. Our day would begin off doing with each of us doing our day-by-day housework. This does not imply that is the manner by which it worked out. We started working out first. At many times after I finished my tasks, I would take my bike and ride to Warren’s home. We would then stroll to the nearby school in our town. The school had an entertainment program for the children amid the mid-year period. Our usual routine at the school would begin off with strolling around the track field: around a few laps, at that point, we kept running around a few miles around the track. Then afterward, we would go inside and begin doing warm-up works out, after our exercises and acrobatic. We were not too great at acrobatic. Going before our full workout, we would go to the Olympic size pool honing our free form, butterfly stroke, breaststrokes, and to wrap things up our plunging procedures. After our long day at the field, we would go to the sauna room and unwind and relax for some time. Towards the end of the day, before we went home, we utilized the school’s shower room office and took a pleasant long hot shower. We needed to look energized and cleaned, just on the off chance that we ran.

In summary, Warren is among the most memorable friends in my life that I still recall. The manner in which related together is what reminds me of him. I still admire his personality, and I would like to meet such individuals in the future, as we need best friends to depend on in our life. Friends are chosen from the heart because of the love that we develop when we stay together. In this manner, making friends is the best experience that we can have when we are young. We should as well encourage our younger ones to make friends when they are young as this helps them in developing good relationships with other individuals. Up to date, we are still friends with Warren, and I hope that this relationship continues for an unforeseeable future.

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