My Ambition In Life Is To Become A Scientist (Essay Sample)

When I was still young, my parents would ask me what I want to become when I grow up. I would always tell them that I don’t know at that time. As a kid always find watching science fiction movies interesting and enjoyable. Science explains almost everything here on earth and scientists are the people who do researches to find out facts about everything. Whenever I go to a bookstore, I always find myself facing the shelf of science books. As I enter high school I became more aware that the science stuffs are not just about doing research about the origin and other things alike. I discovered that science covers almost everything that involves our daily life. When we walk, talk, eat, play, sleep, read, and everything that we do there is science in it. It is as magical as sorcery and as interesting as mathematics and literature.

There is this time in high school when we did an simple experiment about how the temperature can affect the growth of a plant. That simple experiment made me realize that science teaches us the domino effect in the environment. It teaches people our origin and everything that comprises us as human. That day I decided that I want to be a scientist and that will be my greatest ambition in life.  Ever since that day I studied harder especially in all my science related subject. After school I do a lot of research on how I can become a real scientist in the future so that I will be able to help the world.

One of my inspirations in becoming a scientist is Barbara McClintock. She has been awarded the 1983 Nobel Prize in physiology or Medicine. At the very young age of 25 years old she already had her PhD in Botany and after that she started her career as the leader in development of maize cytogenetic and she focused on that research for the rest of her life. She is the one who discovered transposition and she used it to  demonstrate that the genes can be physically turned on and off. She received another noble award for her discovery and became the only woman to receive an award without anybody to share with it.

If I will be lucky and be given the opportunity to achieve my ambition as a scientist I want to be like Doctor McClintock. She discovered something that helped the other scientists figure out the thing about genetics that did not just help her generation but also the future generation that came after her. I want to be a scientist that will leave a legacy not just in the medical field but also in the lives of every individual. I want to do a research about the origin of life so that I can give people another idea on where they came from. I also want to do a research about the origin of the earth because it is still unknown until now.

I know I will be able to achieve my ambitions as long as I put my heart and perseverance in it. If I will be lucky enough to achieve my goal and ambition I will share my fortune to all the kids who also love science and want to become scientist. My future will be as bright as the stars in the moonlit sky. I will become a scientist and everyone will give value to my studies and my name will be mentioned in science books as the scientist who made a difference in the world. My future is still  far but I will make the most in my present to achieve my greatest ambition of becoming a scientist.

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