Most Prized Possession (Essay Sample)

Most Prized Possession

Anyone values something. Be it an object or  someone, he or she will have them as their most prized possession. For you, what is your most prized possession? This essay will discuss what a prized possession is, what are common prized possession, and my personal prized possession. It is something that you love so dearly and you cannot afford to live without.

A prized possession has three forms: a person, an animate object, and an inanimate object. Valuing a person is a common practice, especially for those belonging in long term and healthy relationships. People value other people because they are important to them, they love and cherish them. Sometimes, people have others as their most prized possession since they are assets instead of liabilities. Sometimes people possess other people because they are they are good for their soul. What does that mean? In a romantic relationship and a familial one, people often look as love as good for their soul wherein they are not just mere assets but they are already a part of their entire well being. They look at the person as if they are a lifeline or someone they can trust their entire lives with which is why they are so important to them. As an animate object, it takes a physical form.

Some of valued animate objects are usually trophies, medals or any life achievements they deem are worth valuing, objects which are very expensive such as trending technologies like iPhones and iPads, and even handmade objects given to you by someone special or relatives. Having animate objects is a common practice for kids and elderly adults who reminisce the good ol’ days during their prime. How about inanimate objects? This comes in the possessing treasures incapable of human grasp. One good example is knowledge. Many intelligent people treasure their knowledge to a degree that they put it first above anything else.

Another example is love. Love is flexible, it can take the shape in a person but love in general is inanimate. Love can reach distances that no material things can do. It is the superficial kind of love that makes people go crazy, yet motivated to achieve their goals. It is in the judgment of the person whether to treasure love and value it as their most prized possession. In general, whether or not it does not matter what form your prized possession is. However, from a personal perspective, the person I value the most is my lover.

When a person values something or someone, she or he will do anything to protect it. People are territorial just like animals; we are selfish when it come to things that we really value. A most prized possession of a person maybe something that he or she worked hard for just to have it. When you worked hard for something you really want and it finally becomes your possession you tend to be possessive and over protective, but it is normal for anyone.

Normally, people of my age would pick their career over love anytime; however, I would not be able to gain so much in my career and successes in life if it were not for her. She supports and loves me unconditionally and makes sure I am able to do things I would not normally do. If it was not for her, I would not be given a chance to give the same love and support as well nor will I be able to succeed in anything. Feelings and emotions are also considered as prized possession for some because not everything can be bought by money. Happiness, love and affection are some of the example prized possessions that nobody can buy.   Again, regardless of what form the thing you deem as your most prized possession, so as long as it is your most valued, it should be the one to reach you.

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