Moral Lesson Of Helen Of Troy (Essay Sample)

Moral Lesson of Helen of Troy

Helen was the renowned daughter of Zeus and Leda the queen of Sparta because of her beauty. As Prince Paris of Troy was undertaking a quest to the king of Sparta, he comes across Helen and likes her. Unfortunately, the royal Greeks receive him in a very impolite way. As a result, he realizes that he has to escape without further hesitations. However, due to his predetermined course as well as their common affections, the prince of Troy decides to take Helen along with him. Therefore, the Greeks acquired a reason for them to engage in war. The Greeks set up a plan to attack and encroach Troy and make off with their fortunes. Concurrently, the father of Prince Paris, the King of Troy gave his son a designation to go to Sparta and demonstrate their nonviolent intentions.

There are tremendous moral lessons derived from Helen of Troy. First, the excuses normally given as a reason for engaging in wars are not always true. In this scenario, Helen served as an appropriate explanation to the invasion of Troy. Their escape with Prince Paris of Troy provided a justification for war by Royal Greeks, but instead, they had other ill intentions. Thus, this gives a moral lesson to always evaluate and understand the root course of wars for relevant approaches to deal with them. Secondly, each individual faces the probability to lose during wars. Prince Paris of Troy yearned affection as well as the beauty of Helen above everything else which turns out uneasy to acquire forcing them to elope. Hence the moral lesson outlined indicates that an individual may not always achieve their wishes during conflicts. Thirdly the predetermined course usually follows the actions that people take. This implies that any activity we carry out determines the possible outcomes likely to occur. Therefore, the choices an individual makes gives a definition of their ultimate destinies.

Another moral lesson from Helen of Troy is that we should not put our main focus an outward beauty. This is because in most cases what we feel in our hearts usually determines what we perceive on our minds. Hence, basing our preferences on physical attractiveness may result in certain consequences which we can fail to avoid or deal with. Another moral lesson is that owning up to the errors that we make is much more secure than ignoring them. This is mainly as a result of the messes made up through mistakes which may cause irreversible consequences and pose a danger to other individuals. Furthermore, there is need to address the matters pertaining to harmonization during wars cautiously in order to display peaceful intentions. This is because as much as we strive to make efforts designed to make peace with rivals very slight mistakes may cause a hindrance. Hence, there is the likelihood of failure to achieve what we desire. Therefore, from Helen of Troy, we acquire the moral lesson of undertaking strategies of reconciliation with reservations.

In conclusion, there are numerous moral lessons learned from Helen of Troy. These lessons are important in our undertakings especially before engaging in conflicts. They also assist greatly in dealing with issues and in the management of particular situations. Therefore, it is very necessary to apply the moral lessons derived from Helen of Troy in order to come up with good decisions while dealing with some situations.

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