Money Is Required To Earn More Money (Essay Sample)

Ever since the advent of its use, money has played an integral role in the determination of business, wealth and generally, success. With increased capitalism in the current global environment, the impact of money has grown tremendously. It might be argued that money might not be used to make money due to the fact that one can be self-employed, or formally employed. These forms of making money are usually referred to as the active ones, and need little to no startup cash to make more money. From a general perception however, it is clearly evident that money is needed to make more money.

To start with, the active forms of making money, particularly the formal one, will need proper education for one to have certain sets of competencies for employability. In addition to the education, one needs proper dressing and a great appearance. These call for the use of money, since appearance might involve nice haircuts and formal clothing to improve marketability. From the word go therefore, formal employment calls for the use of money first, to set the foundations for the making of more money in the job market.

The second form of making money is called passive. This entails investing, and owning a business.  While it is true that sometimes one can start with only an idea and build a business empire, in most cases it calls for some startup capital for one to venture into business. Setting the first infrastructure calls for cash. For example, if it is a retail store, he needs money to purchase the initial stock as well as paying for rent and goodwill of the premises. In a nutshell, overhead costs are indeed crucial and would therefore call for the utilization of an initial sum of money. Proper financing, be it from loans or savings might be needed to start.

On the other hand, there might be some instances where money might not be needed to make money. For example, menial jobs like cleaning someone’s backyard for some pay. It won’t call for any use of money to get paid, rather, one’s commitment and performance of the job. The same applies to the use of talent, such as sportspeople, who usually make money from their sheer hard work and determination. This might point out to the fact that the issue of needing money to make money, isn’t that contentious. The actual problem is, which amount of money is to be made. If the amount of money to be made is little, then there might be no need for the use of money to do it. However, if it is an investment which will bring monetary returns later on, then money is indeed needed to do it.

Still, one can have money but fail to make more money with it. For example, one might win a lottery or some lawsuit, from which he or she earns quite a fortune. However, after a short while, the individual is rendered bankrupt due to mismanagement and poor financial discipline. One might have money but fail to invest. One might also have money, but fail to invest properly in the right field. It all goes hand in hand to show that money might not make more money. Having a combination of money and efforts can help one to make more money.

In conclusion therefore, money is in most cases required to make more money. Self-employment, businesses, investments and business ownership in most cases calls for the utilization of money upfront. In other instances however, such as menial jobs, money won’t be needed for one to earn, rather, just one’s energy and performance. In the current society however, the need for money to make money far outweighs the other, thereby underlining the fact that money is needed to make money, if done properly or in the right manner.

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