Money Is Better Than Knowledge (Essay Sample)

Knowledge or Money?

Money and Knowledge are both resources of great importance. They are the essential elements that for us people, have a greater number of opportunities in order to advance in our daily lives. These two are both serving as a tool for our expansion as we learn through the numbered days of our existence. Weighing which of these two are better, is not as simple because they both serve humanity in both beneficial and disadvantageous ways.

Firstly, money is something that is greatly engraved in our system and how we live our daily lives. Money has been used as a tool in order for us to trade something of value like necessities and services through the form of cash. There are also other forms of trading such as e-cash through the internets, and other virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Money is what makes the world go around, and without it, a person literally cannot function through the systems of society as he would not be able to gain the requirements of life such as food, shelter, clothing and electricity and city services. Money is involved in every transaction that man is made to live. It is a requirement of everyday of our physical life.

Knowledge on the other hand, is something entirely different. If it is gained, it can never be lost. It is something that we accumulate through the journey of our entire life. Knowledge can be used in order to acquire jobs in order to gain money. Knowledge can also be used to improve oneself and one’s performance and thinking capacities to create businesses that could generate good income. The uses of knowledge are thus infinite; however, knowledge is much harder to earn than money, but it serves also the ultimate purpose of giving us humans, our PURPOSE, our inspiration in order to continue striving for a better future, probably a future where we imagine that we have more MONEY. Funny how in the end, it all boils down to a desire for money. Or is that there is to it?

In every moment of our lives, there is always the contradiction present in our minds that we want to know better and we are always striving for the truth, and also the feeling that we need to have our physical necessities in order to function through the institutionalized systems of life. Money is a solution to every immediate problem as it grants us the capability to function and have opportunities to gain new objects that we think will improve our way of living. But deeply, the truth is we all seek for a feeling of ABUNDANCE not MONEY. Simplicity is key to the feeling of abundance if we use our knowledge to distinguish which is truly which. We learn to value not with our wallets but with our hearts if we strive to increase our knowledge. Money is indeed a great tool that can be used for many objects and it can also be utilized to earn more knowledge. Money is important, yes, but people should not stop on only striving for money. Humanity should learn how to use their knowledge in creative ways in order to educate others that in the end, money is not the means of an end, and it should not be used to judge a person if he or she is successful or not.

In the end, it is knowledge that gives us the capacities to live a life with dignity and this is through how we perceive the world through our acquired and accumulated knowledge. Money is a means, but it is not an end. It is one of the most prized in the world, but it has no true value. For what we seek is in our hearts, its always inside our souls. That richness and abundance in not physical money or possessions, but an intensified mix of different flavored feelings and colorful emotions. We can only achieve this bliss through our knowledge and our minds, if we know the truth from the illusions that always blinds our eyes.

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