Monarchy vs Democracy (Essay Sample)

Monarchy vs Democracy

One of the most remarkable system founded by humans is the establishment of organized society. In early period of human history, a set of people that makes a group or pack are scavenging and hunting for their food, and as soon as they have develop their understanding of their environment they decided to settle on respective places. Most common places these set of groups have food provisions, near a source or body of water and there are caves or a place to live and stay especially on bad weather condition. As the time press on, people sooner learned more and its basic way of leaving begun to be become more complex which requires more attention on preserving peace and welfare to each and every one. This is how the governing system have come to existent, but in the set of governing systems being developed which is more suitable for mankind to have? A single person ruling above all or the widespread opinion of everyone?

To begin with, our history dictates that the development of tribes have grown to become clans and the merge of these clans gives power to the emerging form of government, the Monarchy. Monarchy is a kind of the government system that was followed for many centuries. The basic idea behind this is that a single ruler or chief would give orders to his people and common term for the ruler is the King. Various civilizations have adopted this, even though they are far apart like the Chinese dynasty, Indian civilization and the many more. In this kind of government, the King is acting upon not just in political issues but as well in social, religion, education and mostly on everything. A king had to supervised on many aspects of the life of his people, that is why the monarchy system have eventually be developed such that an advisor, counselor and envoys are deployed to carry out duties for his majesty. Also, this kind of government proposed that the next leader of their kingdom or group, is aligned with the family or through inheritance unless otherwise there are some circumstances be established the previous ruler before his death or his dethroned.

When it comes to the positive side of this kind of system is that it most decision relies on a single person which means compared to other kind of governing system it has quickest judgment or ruling to employ. Another positive side of this is, monarch provides as a model image for social aspects and as well in religion which promotes a standard or united concept of living in their country. On other hand, this system have declined and replaced by most of emerging countries due to its down side. One point is that, since mankind have increase in mortality rate the number of people needs to be keep in order is also increasing, their needs and wants are also increasing in such a rate that a single ruler as well as his advisors are having hard time to deal with. Furthermore, the monarch have created a gap towards its people or which that given birth to pride and prejudice. In some monarch system they have secluded the social status of people and there was less rights for women. Education also that time was focused on elites and less on low level of people. All of these negative side of monarch have caused many injustice and sooner launches war against the aristocrats.

After sometimes, a form of government have been built to keep the people organized and it is the Democracy. “The voice of the many” or the democratic form of government have been established to diminish the social gap structure being develop in the times of monarch. In this form of government, people can have equal rights, equal opportunities and be free on their choices. In the democratic perspective, it doesn’t require any genders, religions or beliefs as long as it confirms on the ‘good;’ of majority concept it can be accepted and granted. The rulers for this governing system are called ‘Presidents’. The selection of presidents are through the election process, in which the mass number of people who voted for a particular person will lead the nation along with his or her members. To add more, the democratic form of government, have initiated separate structure of enforcing the law. There are mainly three branches of this government and they are the legislative, executive and judiciary. All of these body of government are keeping the balance through inspecting each other’s proposal for the society. Comparing to the previous form of government, while there are advisors for the king it is still the king that implements the law while on this manner many process have to keep in mind in order to execute a certain law. Moreover, there are have been many level of rules now being followed by each citizen.

The positive and negative side of this form of government, encompasses the following; for the positive is the complex and matured form of judgments. There is the saying that two heads are better than one, and in this case it is being promoted that if many people would take a look an openly suggest and criticized one another a revolutionary change would arise. Although, that would mean a long time period sometimes ranging from months to decades depending on the degree of a bill or law. The open communication and acceptance of each other’s belief and idea in promoting peace and order for everyone in the society is one of the goal envisioned when this form of government was being developed. Furthermore, the importance of fair and equal opportunity for education, work, social interaction and many more is an important aim for this government because it has been proven that people with the sense of equality have a satisfactory feeling for his or her achievements. For the negative perspective, one is that many branches of government have been established making it difficult to check and balance the people who are in-charge. And then, there are rampant corruption since it has become more open to many people a lot of greedy person have

To conclude on which government form is better than the other, in my general opinion, in terms of policies is that democratic outweighs the monarch. While it is true that both form of government have their own pros and cons, the positive of democratic government have been proven to be more healthy for many countries making it to be their considered structure of their government compared to the monarchy.

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