Monarchy Is Better Than Democracy (Essay Sample)


A monarchy is the oldest form of civilization in the world where one civilization recognizes their leader as the most important icon in their village or community. It is where the whole society recognizes a leader who is responsible for leading the whole nation as one society. Leaders in a certain monarch are responsible for leading the whole organization or institution to unite and generate a unified procedure to succeed. They are recognized as emperors or kings, which are the core group of the organization as a whole. A monarchy has more experience than a democracy because they have been established from previous generations, which only passed their thrones to their sons and next generation family members to the present day.

A democracy is not better than monarchy because there is a limited power granted towards the president when they are elected as the head of state. Every leader will have to seek for the votes of the general public before beginning to continue their aims and visions to better facilitate the needs of the public. For this reason, a democracy requires every lawmaker to participate on whether they are going to approve a new law before it can materialize. The reason behind is that there is always a fair and an equitable process of new procedures or laws to improve the essentials of a state. In addition, the risk of overpowering a government is a possibility, especially if there are opposition groups who want to take power that seeks to replace the incumbent leader. New countries with democratic governance are always at risk for a political turmoil due to lack of experienced leaders and poor facilities.

A monarchy is better than democracy because leaders have been already identified and accepted by previous generations, making it as a dominant government identity towards international relations. There is more stable governance for the reason that the leaders have been placed in royalty wherein it creates a new pipeline for every government institution to comply. There are two parallel government organizations that are always ready to render assistance whenever accidents or mass calamities struck a certain area. This is because the monetary budget that comes from the government is separate from the budget released by the monarch. Even though the government controls most of the monarch’s assets, there are still separate including of funds intended to render help for those who are in need (Scruton, 2013).

As a learning insight from this discussion, it has been learned that monarchy is preferred as the better choice for every government. The reason behind is that there are two operating government leaders who want to take part with the regulation of laws and mitigation of policies. Working together enables two institutions to improve their collaboration to the company. This is the reason why other countries want to retain their political status as a monarchical form of governance. The public feels that they are more empowered, protected, and provided with the needed care whenever there are problems such as calamities that affect their lifestyle. This is unlike democracy, which is mostly unstable due to political officials who want to overpower against each other. New countries that are practicing democratic leadership governance are usually at risk for a coup, which hampers peace and prosperity to their territorial jurisdiction for a certain period of time.


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