Modernism In Literature (Essay Sample)

Modernism in Literature

Literature lies between the modern and ancient literature. It plays a significant role in the society that we are living because it gives us an opportunity to express our feelings through writing. Also, it provides the audience with an opportunity to interact with the authors in learning from the message that is being communicated through the literature. It is important to note that this can be broad as it ranges from songs, poems, and artwork among other literature works. Literature has kept changing as it adjusts with the modern world. The manner in which literature is being expressed today is different compared to the past when technology was not well developed. For instance in the field of art, it is believed that modernism began during the time of high and low art.

Modernism is characterized with a strong breakaway with the tradition, social, and political views of the society. At this period, literature was revolving around religion where authors based most of their works on religion. On the other hand, others were being inspired by the social and political views that were prevalent in the ancient society. However, this has changed as we have moved towards another modern world. Modernism is characterized with no connection with history or institutions as well. This implies that most of their experiences include those of despair and alienation. This transition is what gave rise to literature movements and associations where art was being shared among many individuals as a way of promoting and appreciating what they are doing. At this time, literature was being valued since there was too much concentration on it.

The World War contributed to the numerous changes in the field of literature. This war altered the political and social system that are directly associated with literature. This brought in a new face of modern literature that was characterized with new features. In analysis, the modern literature brought in a number of changes in the field. To begin with, the audience increased because at this period, literature was so popular and many individual were interested in exploring and understanding it well. This is because literature at times comes with a deeper meaning that requires reasoning in order for one to understand. There arises a number of new literatures that never existed before as the diversification was being extended as new things were being developed. This is an indication that the field of literature is broad and keeps on being diversified by the creativity of the artist that participate in it. This is very important because we regard literature as the image of the society because majority of the artist base their writings on life experiences. Through this way, we get to learn through the message that is passed in an indirect way and correct ourselves from the past mistakes that have messed up our lives.

In summary, as mentioned in the text above, we use literature to express as we write and learn as we read. This is very important to the community as we learn on how to relate with others among many other aspects. The modernism in literature allows more aspects of literature to be introduced thus making it to be more interesting. We should continue appreciating literature in the same way to ensure that we support our own and uplift the artists as well.

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