Modern Means Of Transport (Essay Sample)

Modern means of transport

About hundred years ago, people moved around using bullock carts, or on horsebacks, movement was limited and traveling meant spending several weeks on the road.  Today, with modern means of transport, we can reach any part of the world at any time. The first invention that transformed the transport industry was the steam engine that led to the invention of railways. With the advancement of science, there are better and quicker means of transport like buses, modern planes and steam ships.  Be it by road, water, and air; one can travel with ease. The whole world is connected with network either road or railways. Movement from one place to the other has been made easy because of advanced technology.

There are many cars, buses, and trucks, the roads are advanced, and one can simply move around going to almost any part of the world.  Hundreds of transport companies that offer various transportation services, facilitating movement of goods and services. The steamboat has made water transport enjoyable; a modern steam ship is designed to carry many passengers, the ship is fitted with modern equipment and can move on the sea with great speed. Airplanes are faster than the other modes of transport. A modern jet plane can carry hundreds of people running at a speed of five hundred miles in an hour.  Advanced technology has changed the mode of transport since the 19th century up to date.

The invention of combustion engine in the mid-eighties resulted in better inventions like cars, motorcycle, planes, and trucks. Other early development within the transportation sector includes jet engines emerged due to combustion engine technology. The widespread use of electricity resulted in modern transportations services like electric engine and trams used to transport heavy freight. The modern means of transport, be it land, sea, or air all have been necessitated by the changing human needs as scientific and technological development has taken center stage. Since the end of the war, many countries have electrified their railway systems.  Bicycles have been replaced by modern means of transport like cars that real reliable and comfortable. Nuclear powered ship and submarines can travel on water for months without the need for refueling.  Helicopters can hover around and can also land in incredible places like the roof of a building or on the deck of a ship.

Modern transport has caused negative impact to humans due to its potential misuse; space ships and jet place are used for spying or carry out destructive activities. Even though jet planes are used to transport soldiers to trouble spots, modern means of transport have promoted international conflicts where nations compete to test their new inventions in wars. Modern methods of transport have increased mistrust among powerful nation instead of promoting peace. Modern means of transport have caused new problems, especially in many modern cities; traffic congestion is a common problem with overcrowded roads causing major pollution in these cities.

Cars emit harmful chemical like carbon monoxide that affects humans, that is why many children today are becoming asthmatic. Air pollution from car is the major contributor of premature deaths all over the world. Modern means of transport affects human and can cause cardiovascular diseases, especially when exposed to prolonged noise from airports and trains. Apart from the negative impact of modern transport systems, there are substantial benefits including improved economy. Modern means of transport have increased mobility hence people can travel distances to access various services like new business ventures and medical care services. As the world, keeps on changing there will be more advanced transportation systems with new invention replacing the modern ones.

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