Might Is Right (Speech Sample)

Might Is Right

Unexplained murdered people left on the streets, hate crimes and imprisonment rates rising, and more radically violent principles being supported. These are only the few global issues that we are facing today that would illustrate the might is right. In our individual nations, the chosen leaders evidently struggle with dealing with these threats to peace. We should take this time to ponder on addressing this might is right challenge. We must show that even as ordinary citizens with little power, community by community we can overcome these trials. This is an address to everyone and every society that hopes to resolve the violence in their own communities. This is an address to those who believe in crushing the principles wherein might is right.

The first step we must take in silencing the abuse of power is to analyze our personal might. We should reflect our own actions with our individual responsibilities.

For example, parents may abuse their might over their children and other family members. The most alarming fact is that parents can influence their loved ones to form a hatred or need for vengeance. This influence then becomes an obsession and root for violent behavior.

Another usual scenario is in the office. We may often see our superiors as tyrants. In many situations, it can be true. But we even amongst peers we can get caught in the might is right jam unconsciously. We must remember that every person wants to be an equal and has ideas. We must be understanding of others beliefs. If we feel our superiors abuse their might we can stand up against it and find opportunities to establish respect.

Therefore, the might is right challenge should be addressed with our own small dilemmas. We can see through solving quick daily problems our lifestyle and our environments become more peaceful slowly.

The next step is to look unto people whose passion is to also evacuate corruption in their communities. We can have neighbors and friends who display their will to eliminate the might is right scenarios. A store owner can be a role model because he ensures that every customer gets his receipts and can have a copy of the store’s terms. A fellow co-worker can be a better employee because he is willing to expose unethical acts of superiors. A government employee can report illegal acts of leaders to the media. We all have choices and actions that fight for what is fair. We should stop ourselves from being anxious of the consequences. For when we begin to doubt our own capabilities to do just, we only support the might is right and fail our desire to diminish it.

The might is right can be practiced by any person if he wills it. One does not need to be in a high position or famous to do what is right. The scenarios this address illustrates prove so and therefore gives us less excuse to be stuck in fear or silent to injustice.

Lastly we should conclude that with by transforming our own might powers and following the justice fights of others, we have hope for global transformation. More citizens are becoming journalists in a sense of making out calls to the corruption they witness daily. Social media is now full of trends about the injustices that occur everywhere and help shame the might is right principles. Although many of us may state that violence, corruption, and other power abuses will never truly leave communities we can still attain more peaceful areas with the beliefs of this address.

We should never give up on the hope of being above the might of right challenge. When we can join with determination, we can achieve world harmony. It all begins within ourselves and will. May this address guide us all not to fear the might of right and motivate us all to fight for justice.

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