Michael Jordan Role Model (Essay Sample)

Michael Jordan – the Role Model

The famous Michael Jordan was born on in 1963, February 17, and is known in his world best basketball player as well as a successful business person prospering in the business industry and a principal owner also the chairman of charlotte hornet. He is an American whom most people referred to him As M.J as his short form name. As a role model Jordan has played in the national basketball association for the Chicago gulls and the Worthington wizards. This has seen him become most effectively basketball player to be marketed in the 80s and 90s. Jordan has been famously known across oceans because of his athletic nature and the way he made basketball funs happier, but also he has impacted positive influence to many. People refer to him as their hero some as a legend. This is riley of great interest since Jordan himself has seen himself succeed over and over again and generating vital ideas that changed people live, as a result he is a role model to the society and to any person  in that industry. This essay seeks to describe his life and how his popularity and work done in business made him to be viewed as role model.

He stared by playing as a freshman in the national championship team, Tar heels and later joined the Bulls. While as freshman Jordan made impact to the team and it enabled him join the Bull. This shows that Jordan was riley hardworking and he focused on what he did and did his best. This influenced people to work harder since the prolific scoring of three pointers overwhelmed the crowd. In 1991 he made a good reputation for himself after playing well and received an award as the best defensive player in the basketball. This has seen him encourage young people to focus on what they do and will receive good results. He has become role model in many since after getting the award; he won with the bulls his first championship, and later on various awards that lined on the way for him. Although he retired, he left a positive impact both to the team and the players. In 1996, to 1998 he came back to the basketball championship and managed to receive the winnings. This is a result of hard work and also confidence. On the social media platform people refer to him as their role model not because he is great but because of his journey to success. It is because of his work that saw him made through to become the greatest North America athlete of the 20th century and was recognized by ESPN. Call him the hero because he deserves to be so. He became the hall of fame twice in his career as well as a member of the FIBA HALL OF FAME. Since role models can influence change in a person’s life, Michael Jordan has gone on to encourage people to be themselves and to focus on life goals, not to fear failing because he has missed 26 winning shots and lost 300 games but because of focus and lack fear it has made him succeed.

In conclusion, Michael Jordan is the role model, and he is an outstanding great athlete of all time. All his achievements have been through handwork and positive attitude toward basketball, business and his personal life. He has been awarded in many occasions as the world’s best basketball player, the best defender, hall of fame, the greatest athlete in the North America and the highest scoring player in the basketball. One can call him a role model since his work and success makes him outstanding and great in his work.

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