Merits Of Industrialization (Essay Sample)

Merits of Industrialization

It is unimaginable how the world would look like if technological advancement had not taken place. Indeed, technology has had a great effect on the way work is done, products are produced and the growth of economies at large. Industrialization is a process that involves a change in both the economy and social life of the population thus leading to technological advancement. Consequently, there are several merits of industrialization that are stated below.

The first merit of industrialization is that it increases the production of goods. Industrialization leads to the use of machines in production. It is a known fact that machines work more efficiently and faster than human beings. Provided machines are well maintained, there is a constant flow of working hence goods are produced in bulk. The availability of goods in the economy enhances people’s living standards. Production of food stuff, clothes, vehicles, and many more enhances the way people do their work when they are done promptly.

With an industrialized economy, all productions that initially relied on humans relieve such a population so they can advance their education and take other jobs that add extra value to the economy. With machines around, lesser man power is required for production. Machines produce more than human can produce and in a larger percentage. Having increased goods in the economy and people being displaced to do other things, the economy benefits in that, the manpower that previously existed in productions is otherwise used in other sectors of the economy.

Another merit of industrialization is that it opens up rural areas through the construction of roads. The development of roads in areas that had no roads before ensures that they can get medical services, schools, and even interact with other regions easily. Some areas have better agricultural produce but owing to poor road networks, products go bad before getting into the market. Industrialization ensures that such products can get to the market as soon as possible to be utilized.

Medical advancement is another merit of industrialization. Before industrialization, the treatment of some diseases was difficult. Diagnosing them and treating them was a challenge. But with the advancement in technology, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer has become possible. Industrialization is also instrumental in the field of research in the medical sector. Through research, more effective medicines have been discovered that has made treatment of some diseases to be possible. It is also through research that the world is patiently waiting for a cure if not a vaccine for HIV/AIDS.

Another merit of industrialization is that it leads to urbanization or urban migration. The population tends to move towards industrialized regions seeking for jobs and better living. In such areas, people have access to information, social amenities and even entertainment with ease. As the population of an urban area increases, several challenges emerge that have to be solved. An issue of settlement and provision of social amenities erupts which must be solved through the development of more and better settlement areas thus enlarging the urban area. Industrialization can thus be said to be responsible for urban enlargement.

Industrialization also eases the daily responsibilities of humans. Technology has taken over most of the tasks of human beings hence relieving humans from certain tasks. People save time as technology helps them in doing some tasks. Before industrialization, there was no technological advancement. As such, people had to travel long distances to pass messages and communicate. However, with the advancement of technology, people can send electronic mails and save on time needed to communicate with other people across the globe. Industrialization has brought people together. With social media in place, people can make friends in virtually every corner of the earth.

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