Men Are Better Cooks Than Women (Argumentative Essay Sample)

Are Men are better Cooks than Women?

The kitchen was made and meant for women. This is one of the key points raised by individuals and groups who believe that women are better cooks or chefs than men. However, to what extent are women better than men? Isn’t food just food as long as it is tasty and prepared according to the expected recipe, with all requisite ingredients included? This paper evaluates the contention that men are better cooks than women, first by presenting arguments in favor of men, and then women, before concluding with a clear stand on the issue.

Men are known to be more confident, with better decision-making abilities as compared to women. When conflicts arise in an organization, men show better ability to resolve such conflicts without wavering. In this regard, men make better chefs, both in the kitchen and in catering offices. In addition, women have one major hurdle when it comes to long-term progress in catering careers. When women temporarily halt their careers so as to have children, this affects their ability to progress fast through the ranks. Men, on their part, are available to work throughout the year, with no need for breaks in their career as chefs. Catering is a demanding career that consumes long, laborious hours extending into late night service. This makes women less effective as chefs.

However, female cooks still stand head and shoulder above their male counterparts. Women are known to have a keen and attentive eye when it comes to detail. It is this aspect that makes women effective chefs, as cooks need to focus and not miss even the most minor of details, evident when a customer inquires about the quality of a specific diet. Cooking is not just a process. It is a cultural aspect, as exhibited in world-renowned cuisines. Women have a mothering ability and this works to their advantage. They have a touch, fineness, and a sense of nourishment that largely defines cooking. A male dominated catering industry lacks a fair touch that women bring to the cooking process. Furthermore, the allegation that men are more confident chefs than women has not been proved. In the current world where both sexes and genders have equal chances of succeeding, no gender is more qualified or confident than the other.

The arguments presented above weigh heavily in favor of women as better chefs. It is my view that women possess an inward ability to prepare better meals and to manage catering organizations more effectively than men. The fact that ladies have a motherly touch on the food that they prepare presents a scenario where food cooking is not just a process but a culture that requires a “special touch.”

In addition, since time immemorial, women have proved their prowess in the kitchen. The rise and dominance of males in the food industry can only be justified at times when some female employees have taken a break from their work to get or care for children. It is also common knowledge that women can effectively multitask. Consequently, their ability to prepare a tasty broth cannot be interfered with by the multiplicity of roles.

In conclusion, women stand out in the food industry as cooks. While men have desirable characteristics and competencies, cooking is more than just a process. It has cultural attachments to the cooks hence women’s close connection to the meals that they prepare, and their mothering ability makes them better cooks.

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