Me In 10 Years (Essay Sample)

Me in Ten Years

It is difficult to imagine how I will end up in the future. Let alone looking ten years ahead, I cannot fully describe my life.

Somehow, people think about the future as an entirely separate world. Things are different from what they are currently experiencing. Technologies and trends are different. Customs and attitudes are also different. Even physical appearances are different. If anything, talking about the future is like getting mystified or intrigued by a country far too peculiar.

But for whatever imagination lacks as it faces reality, it makes up for an exciting experience. To imagine myself how I would be in ten years can only provide a semblance of what the future holds for me. Some may turn out to be true, and some won’t.

Still, the important thing is that the future should be an exciting place where anything can be possible. And it is where we anchor our goals so we may work hard towards attaining them later on.

With that said, in ten years’ time, I will be working at a company that offers an exciting environment to work in. I will be working in a creative team, particularly advertising where my creativity is allowed to flourish unhindered. I will be working as a productive member of the team, who is able to work well with others to translate drawings into actual, consumable outputs.

In ten years’ time, I will have saved enough money to start my own business. I’m not sure about what I will be selling, but I am sure at this point that I will be providing things that are useful. But I will focus mainly on getting rich. The business is only there to sustain my family and guarantee a steady income from which my family can lead a happy life.

In ten years’ time, I will start a family, with two kids and a house where they can grow up healthy and smart. I will not be a big house, but it shall be a simple home where we can eat and talk and lead normal lives. My partner and I will not only focus on our jobs. We will put our family first above everything else. After all, the reason for us working is that we must provide our children a better education, good food, and a comfortable place where they are fully nurtured and cared for.

In ten years’ time, I will be pursuing the hobbies that I like since I was a child. I know for one that work can be hectic, stressful and downright tiring. So, what better way to unwind than to do something I really loved? In my spare time, I will be writing and developing a novel that will mirror my life, my aspirations, and my thoughts on the universe. It will be a book that will touch so many lives. And it will be a book that can give a lot of people hope for the future.

But as we can all see, the future remains to be a very mysterious place. We don’t know exactly how it would turn out. Maybe for the best. Maybe for the worst. But the fact remains that the image of the future shall compel us to do more for ourselves and make an impact in our own lives.

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