Marvels Of Science (Essay Sample)

Marvels Of Science

With the fast growing societies around the globe, it cannot be denied that the manifestation of scientific revolution has touched almost everyone. It can be observed through our daily lives and activities like our transportation that uses automobiles and on our communication that uses wireless phone. Research that escalate our understanding from a smaller perspective growing to a wider vision. I’d like to share some of it.

In early centuries, mankind is dependent of torches as source of light during night time but, right now, we are capable of many tasks on almost round the clock. The discovery of electricity and the AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) has greatly changed our history, since then, this discovery has lead from one after another. Appliances and gadgets that we are now enjoying are relying on the electricity that power plants are producing. Gadgets like our hand held devices, known as cell phones, has the capability of communicating with other persons wherever they are in the world since it rely on satellites outside our planet. These improvements have saved us a lot of our time that we no longer have to wait for many days to have a reply.

For the transportation concept, our ancestors on early period of history had to travel for days, weeks or months to go from one place to another, which is either by foot, horse or by wooden crafted ships. We created vehicles with great variation from utility purposes to racing and even for luxuries purpose, which when compared to the early ancestors mode of transportation is huge gap from one another. Mankind also have been able to develop an improved vessels that can travel even on the worst sea weather condition, plus the concept of deep sea diving vehicle or the submarines. Right now, due to technological improvement, we can travel in so-called subsonic level, sonic level or even supersonic which is a great ease for humans when traveling on farfetched locations. Also, mankind has been able to study heavenly bodies, including our moon and neighbouring planets, which we have been able to send few persons to study about it on space station.

In addition, health and medical issues have been improving that we can now operate with a very precise and very accurate method with the assistance of technology. Also, through the intense study of various professionals, there are some discoveries about our bodies that can be considered as vital information, just like how our brain be able to control our movements and senses through the axioms and nerves. Moreover, some medical equipment have been introduced to us for the quick and urgent purposes like the ones being used on operating rooms.

To summarize the marvels of science, we are now the era of digital age. It is said that this era of our history, is when most people has now the power to communicate in a jiff, to travel on reliable vehicle and to enjoy moments of life with recreational activities. Humans are now learning many things and converting these theoretical concepts on actual models. Science has brought us many gifts, but in return let’s not forget that the raw materials that we are using is part of our environment and in order for us and the rest of the next generation experience all of these marvel of science, we must be able to control and regulate our consumption of raw materials. It is also wise to encourage people to understand and practice the clean and green approach. Clean engineering, renewable energy or green engineering is just one of the methods that we can adopt that science has provided us to be efficient and less dependent on various materials that is causing harmful effects on our planet. Let us all take the initiative to be the one promoting the green engineering and share it to many more.

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