Marriage Should Be Between Lovers (Essay Sample)

Marriage Should Be Between Lovers

Falling in love is a beautiful thing, it is a feeling that is like no other, at least from the emotional point of view. Even the element of smelling a perfume that the person wears in public, triggers an emotional response that one cannot resist. Love is associated with a good feeling and it is not just emotionally, it is considered good for one’s health. It is a feeling that brings a smile on one face and brightens even the darkest of moments. The lack of love on the other hand is one that is associated with not just the emotional turmoil but health risks. People have been known develop health problems from failed relationships and heartbreaks.

It is the thrill of living with someone that one loves that is so strong such that, most people will only marry those that they love. Being with someone, you love gives a sense of confidence and hope. This is contrary to being in an arranged marriage, where one goes home every day to the stranger in their house. Trying hard to live with someone that is forced into your life is an element that is closer to being tortured emotionally. One is constantly resentful of the person that they are with wishing that they could have a chance to have it their way and be with someone that they would want, someone they love. There is a constant feeling that, the relationship is based on values that we do not support or that do not align without own. As such, living with a person that we do not love and more importantly, considering that we are in a marriage commitment can be scary for the two parties. The parties have to live with one another at the expense of being with someone that they care about and cherish.

In a love relationship, there is the element of care that comes naturally. When the two parties are in love, they tend to look out for one another in more ways than one. The element of being in a commitment such as a marriage deepens love that the parties have for one another given that the union is one that they have chosen to be in. they constantly feel the need to look out for their partners as this also gives them a good feeling about themselves. In the case of the arranged marriages, the parties are constantly second guessing one another, in light of whether they will ever like the person that is in their lives. This creates more ground for conflict and resentment in a place where there should be love and growth. As such, the time that the relationship takes to grow is longer compared to the one based on love.

The marriages that are based on love tend to mimic the advances that society has made in reference to personal liberties and elements of personal happiness. Arranged marriages are basically associated with the older generations where families would form alliances by officiating marriage commitments between their children. These days, families have liberal approaches where children are allowed to form their own path, not just in marriages even in careers. It is no longer restrictive for children to start out on a career that they like other than being forced to part in the form and traditional jobs that they parent took part in. this is relative to the basic understanding that, there are more chances of success than when the choices are forced on us. The level of fulfillment is also higher, which is reflected in the marriages that are formed from the basis of love.

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