Marine Corps Customs And Courtesies (Essay Sample)


The United States Marines is a branch of the Armed Forces of the United States that is always responsible for providing power projection to its jurisdiction. The agency mainly utilizes the United States Navy that is responsible for delivering and mandating the forces of its armed tasks applicable on land, air, and in the sea. The United States Marine Corps is one of four branches of the US Defense Department as well as one of the country’s seven uniformed services. If a person is qualified and has their applications approved as one of the members of the United States Marine Corps, they are called active Marines. They provide security support against both negative and terrorist elements of the society by using force to prevent any risks of injuries or fatalities to the community.

As for the customs of US Marine Corps are usually implied by usage and tradition by the Federal Government. The standard conduction of participating in a mandated act of defending the United States from terrorist and criminal elements of the society is always important. This is to prevent the risk of causing injuries or terror activities in any territories of the United States. The birthday of Marine Corps is annually applied by the Federal Government, which is celebrated annually by all members of the US Marine Corps including its invited guests. Nautical terms are a custom for every member of the Marine Corps because they are navigating the seas.  Identifying, recognizing, and appreciating nautical terms allow every member to create coordinated procedures and activities that best represents their responsibilities while navigating both local and international seas all over the world.

As for the courtesies of the United States Marine Corps such as in boarding a small boat, in which is allows juniors to enter first before the seniors. However, the seniors are the first personalities to leave first from the vessel. The Marine Hymn is an important courtesy to officially recognize a member to be officially representing the United States Marine Corps. This is done by fully memorizing the whole hymn by heart while remaining standing when it is currently being played or sang. Serenading the commandant is an important courtesy to the chief of US Marine Corps because it seeks to honor their leadership that made the US Corps intact. Looking out for your men is one big courtesy for each member of the US Marine Corps because they seek to nurture the safety and security of their members from any form of harm or threats (Rottman, 2011).

Every agency has rules and duties with their roles in the society. The US Marine Corps is one of the most important branches of the United States Defense Department because it represents honor and pride to protect the country from all sorts of threats and harm. The Federal government heavily relies on the US Marine Corps because it is responsible for defending the waters of the United States territory as well as to secure other territories that are at risk for invasion or conflict. This make the organization as one of the most respected in the United States as well as being recognized by other foreign agencies. The customs and tradition of the US Marine Corps represent a responsibility that promotes discipline to its members as well as to the public by means of learning to show compassion and support to their government agencies.


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