Manners Make A Man Perfect (Essay Sample)


When we talk about manners, this is best explained by the way we behave because it can fulfill our dreams and aspirations as a noble person. In this case, manners are important because it reflects the personality of an individual who has been able to apply their skill and knowledge to become a better person someday. Manners have always been the basis for fulfilling an acceptable action and perspectives of an individual. Through manners, a person becomes respected by other individuals, groups, and institution because they are able to confide their interests and transitions to become a productive person with conviction to their job description. Through manners, every person is able to fulfill their productive responsibility with their roles and duties for the institution and community.

Manners make a man perfect because there are beneficial impacts that can be applied by having a good character. Whenever a person is always showing their good side towards others, they expect that they are given the most utmost care. Manners make a person become productive because other people will look at them to become more productive. As a result, manners are capable of transforming a person to become eligible to accomplish the task of others without seeking help from their colleagues or to the society. In this case, the development of self-discipline is important because it represents the appropriate behavior of the person as they fulfill their responsibilities either at work or in personal activities. Manners make a man perfect because it guides a person to follow a path to become respectful to other individuals for the purpose of keeping the good faith and trust with their activities.

A perfect man with good manners learned this application during their younger years wherein the mother has been patiently training their child to properly behave in a manner that it does not cause any disruption to any individual. As a person, they have been trained to provide a proper training and demonstration to further improve their responsibilities. As a man with a dream, it is important to ensure that their credibility becomes achievable because a well-mannered person always fulfills their goals at the earliest time as possible. They are well-accomplished and a well-trained individual because they are aware of the consequences of fulfilling activities or tasks on time. This is because manners are being taught by the parents at home as well as in schools, emphasizing the importance of respect towards the identity and practices of a certain individual.

The consequences of using manners are that there is a trust being established between two or more individuals. This particular trust is the symbol of hope and joy that can be fulfilled by the person who wants to show interest and unify with the wishes of a well-mannered person as their partner. If there is a unity, it generates successful attempts to improve functionality and interests. Manners make a perfect man because it generates a mechanism wherein it stimulates growth with the person’s professionalism. Manners effectively establish a harmonious interpersonal relationship, which is vital for every person to become functional as well as efficient in their workplace. At the end of the day, a well-mannered person can inspire others due to their professionalism in a very humble way when accomplishing tasks with other individuals (Cao & Yu, 2012).


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