Manners Make A Man (Essay Sample)

Manners make a Man

Manners make a man is a proverb that means that the behavioral characteristics of an individual define his identity. This implies that politeness, kindness, and integrity make an individual to be respected, while bad manners lead to ridicule. The society tends to define an individual based on his characteristics, since polite behavior differentiates a person from those who are rude, arrogant and unthankful. In this regard, the proverb tried to explicate the significance of virtues and how they are closely associated with good manners. The proverb is used to remind the society that good manners are significant facets of the society and human life. Good manners do not cost anything and studies have revealed that being polite is vital to humanity. Therefore, how an individual speaks, including the kinds of words he uses as well as the tone of his voice plays a significant role in differentiating between a polite and an arrogant individual.

God character can only be formed when a person has good manners. Not only is individual’s personality defined by his manners, but good impression that settles in people’s mindsets play a critical role in influencing the way he will be regarded in the society. Some of the characteristics of good manners include being polite, disciplined, sympathetic, and having appropriate social behavior. In addition, respecting and assisting other people is essential in enabling an individual to be held in high esteem. An individual who is patient and gives other people time to explain themselves will definitely be recognized as a good person. For instance, waiting in a queue to be served instead of jumping lines will differentiate between the ways he will be recognized by thesociety. Being pleasant, courteous, and saying thank you after being served usually leaves a good and lasting impression to third parties.

The aspect of habit is another significant interpretation of the proverb.  The kind of behaviors and characteristics which an individual is associated with on a daily basis is what makes his habit. Therefore, an individual who is recognized as having a habit of being happy, joyous, and in a celebratory mood will be said to be contented. On the other hand, an individual who is always gloomy, miserable and introverted will be regarded as discontented. It is from this perspective that the habit of an individual is directly related to his behavior and manners. Therefore, good habit will play an instrumental role in impacting on the way the entire society recognizes him. A man will only be respected if he has good morals and such attributes are directly proportional to his habits. For instance, an individual who is generous and often gives back to the society will be respected and will be recognized as a good person.

It is also possible to interpret the proverb in terms of social codes of conducts and the way they are instrumental in shaping one’s personality. Human beings live together in a community and they are expected to fulfill the social codes that are practiced in that society. The socialization process plays a significant role in shaping ones behaviors and also defining his stature in the society. Therefore, social codes such as respecting the elders, helping the poor, avoiding bullying, and having good relationships with the neighbors is instrumental in earning respect. Therefore, the message that the proverb is trying to pass across is that one’s characters, behavior, and habits are of huge significance is making somebody a “man”, or earning respect. It is important to note that respect can never be bought, and it is only earned based on one’s behaviors.

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