Man Is A Social Animal (Essay Sample)

Man is a social animal

Firstly, branding a man a social animal is befitting. Our physical appearance is very close to some other animals. We have a very close relation to other primates like chimpanzees genetically. The major difference between humans and other animals such as chimpanzees is the size and complexity of our brain. The evolution theory asserts that humans evolved from primitive life creatures and they continue to evolve even today. Evolution explains that the physical and behavioral attributes shown by the modern man have resulted from millions of years of evolution. Our brains have enabled us to adapt to the environment and modify it to suit our needs. One of the most important evolutionary behavioral characteristic humans have demonstrated is their ability to live in social circles. Though there are many other animals which live in distinctive social circles, humans have managed though partially to be one big family unlike other animals which live in smaller groups. This is because of various reasons.

Man has a big brain and through evolution has understood the importance of living in circles. Big circles give humans a competitive advantage and survival edge against the natural adversities. Therefore, humans have noted that the bigger the social circle, the higher their chances of survival in case of an unfortunate eventuality. It gives them a bigger chance of survival and numbers can help them resist a danger that would exterminate a single human. Therefore, through evolution, humans continued being social as it increased their chances of survival and to date this primal instinctual behavior has remained ingrained in our lives.

Humans are not self-sufficient and they are interdependent. No one can produce everything he needs for survival and therefore depends on other people to provide it for him/her. Everyone seems to be in need of a product or service that is in control of another person and being social is crucial to obtaining it. Trade is barely possible in an antisocial environment. We also need each other for security and for meeting our own needs. For example, to ensure you eat you need food that cost many man hours to produce. You in provide other services that cost you your time to produce. Therefore, man cannot exist alone and needs the input from the other people to meet his/her own basic needs.

Additionally, humans have found their interdependence indispensable to their survival. They have understood its benefits and continually enhanced their social interactions to reap more of these rewards they gain from bigger social circles. They have opened up their borders to strangers, their cultures and goods to interact with them and seek opportunities in these interactions. They have constructed new tools to facilitate their interactions such as common currency and language as they seek to expand their social circles.

Today, humans are more social than ever before. They have understood the importance of other peoples in improving their lives. Our sociality has enabled us to colonize our planet and rule over the other creatures. We have understood and developed better ways to interact that bring us together as a species and consolidated our efforts to achieve greater things. Though some people are watering down this progress through various avenues, their progress has been negligible and is not likely to succeed. Humans are social and they understand the benefits of this behavioral characteristic that has given them an edge over their enemies. As more and better tools of interactions continue to come up, it is imperative that we heed the call to build stronger and tighter social circles that are more capable to withstand antisocial rhetoric since we understand the value of socialness better than any other species.

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