Man And Trees (Essay Sample)

Man and Trees

Human beings and nature are closely related. If man were to live with animals alone, his life would be incomplete. In fact, nothing would work because both man and animals rely on plants plus various types of trees on daily basis for food among other uses. From a social scientific, artistic, in addition to spiritual perspective, the interconnection between man and plants will remain strong for many centuries to come.

Trees are a variety of plants. They play a leading role in nature as witnessed in their roles. First, they form forests which are major rain attraction sources. They thus ensure that people receive rain and thus plants get to grow and vegetation grown hence animals have food to eat. Similarly, trees are a source of most of the world’s rivers, which eventually drain in oceans and seas. The importance of rivers, lakes, oceans, seas, among other water bodies, cannot be overemphasized in this paper.

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Trees release oxygen which is used by man. In exchange, they use the carbon dioxide exhaled by human beings in manufacturing their food. Thus people and nature need each other for survival as well as for the ultimate wellbeing of the entire eco-system. Furthermore, they provide wood as well as furniture. Man would not have seats upon which his back can rest if there were no trees. Sheltering is another critical role taken up by plants. Fruits such as mangoes, oranges, pineapples, grapes, among others provide nourishment to human life. Trees also provide flowers. As everyone knows, the rose is a beautiful flower that a romantic lover will turn to whenever they want to invigorate or symbolize their love for their lovers. The social life of man, in this regard, is enhanced by foliage. Corns, leaves, along with vegetables are tree products that make life easier and enjoyable for man.

On the other hand, people are charged with watering plants to ensure they grow to be more useful. It is thus man’s duty to ensure he gives utility to the tree. Humans also plant trees and make sure they prosper and are well kept through weed removal and ensuring the parasites that hamper growth is eliminated. At times, humans are forced to transplant plants from one place to another. Pruning helps the tree to attain better health. Man also ensures that aged vegetation is removed from the earth to give chance to young vegetation to grow. This reflects man’s responsibility of ensuring that the well-being of trees is maintained.

In some texts, it is argued that man is just another plant out there, charged with taking care of the ecosystem to ensure it supports life for all creatures on earth. Humans have, however, played a leading role in overseeing the destruction of trees and nature as a whole. Rapid industrialization, for instance, has polluted the environment through the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere, leading to a severe shrinkage in the number of various species. Deforestation remains among the biggest threats to nature. Over the years, man has been cutting down trees without planting others, a situation that has reduced the number of trees in the world by a significant percentage. Consequently, the ecological balance has been adversely affected.

In conclusion, people, animals, and trees need one another. While man is responsible for ensuring the ecological balance in nature is restored, this duty has not been carried out effectively. It is obvious that man needs trees more than they need humans because trees are at the center of the ecology. If the current trend of environmental destruction continues, man will definitely become an endangered species. Eventually, man will become extinct.

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