Loving My Neighbor Can Be Hard Work (Essay Sample)

Loving My Neighbor Can Be Hard Work

Having a friendly and serene environment is every person’s aspiration. When looking for a house we always tend to settle in a surrounding where calm and tranquility prevail.  Moving into a new milieu and getting to see new faces and making new friends is the joy of many individuals. Getting to mingle and find out more about each other creates a relationship between us and our neighbors. This enables us to settle and also get to comprehend the neighborhood we reside in. Neighbors are a fact that cannot cease to exist in a society. Along with their existence, neighbors can be advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time.

Being new in the neighborhood can make one feel a little bit insecure since you are not used to how everything is conducted there. This makes you contact some of the people close to you in order to gain their friendship. Neighbors are always willing to graciously welcome any new persons who come into their residential area. They make one get the feeling of a sense of belonging. Through this, a bond is created and we get to dig deeper into one’s introduction.

We are always struck with some little life problems in our daily activities. Neighbors are always willing to help whenever such encounters happen. In turn, we also offer to support them if they come across any tribulations. This helps us get to love them and appreciate their action of liberality. It reaches a point when neighbors tend to be too much concerned about us which makes us feel a little uncomfortable. There are some neighbors who are always on your beck and call yet you are doing just fine. This can be quite irritating and it might cause a dispute among us thereby destroying the bond that we have.

When peace and quiet is observed on the environment, people discern that you respect their peace of mind as well as they do yours. Getting home from work after having a long busy day requires a peaceful and undisturbed rest. Some neighbors in some instances can decide to ruin that for you. Some neighbors are always quarrelling making it a habit which in turn disturbs one’s comfort. One can know even the kind of problems they are always disputing over. Other neighbors tend to throw parties and make a lot of noise not minding if there are other people living around.

Contributing to the welfare of the society is the most vital key in the development and continuity of a good neighborhood. Taking part in community services also helps in the advancement of our environment. In order to have our surrounding progress, we need to work as a team and take part in all activities involved. There are some neighbors who may exclude themselves from engaging with us. Some may be due to the pride in them while others due to not wanting to associate with us. This behavior can be quite infuriating and thus a gap be created between us and our neighbors.

In every society there always exist gossips. People always tend to be jealous of another person’s progress in life. You can offer to help a friend acquire something beneficial to him/her like a job. Due to the jealous fits and hatred one has towards another’s success, this can be quite exasperating. Some neighbors tend to be stubborn and ignore you when you try to help them out when they are in need of it. This creates a gap of enmity between us since they refuse to associate with us.

In conclusion, neighbors are an inseparable fact in our lives. There are always benefits and hitches of having them around us, but when you look at it from a different perspective, however much they annoy you, some are always there for you when you need them.

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