Love Makes The World Go Round (Essay Sample)

Love makes the world go round

Love is the compassion feeling we have towards one another. Love exists between human beings, animals, and plants. The plants don’t give love, but they receive love from humans and animals. Love doesn’t only mean sexual interactions but a gift that everyone expects to receive. In the human context, we can demonstrate love with how we deal with our friends, relatives, neighbors, children, and parents. Love can make a significant change in the world if it is sincere. The difference love makes in the world is the origin of the saying ‘Love makes the world go round.’

Nature is important. Nature refers to both plants and animals in this article. Nature is vital to human survival; they need the animals for various reasons, including food and entertainment. People also need plants for their products e.g. wood products and perfumes. Animals whether in the jungle or at home are important to humans. Both animals and plants need protection. Protection can only be given to the plants and the animals if we have love towards them. Love will provide us with a sense of responsibility to help us take care of our environment. Love will also make us know that the future generations need plants and animals.

The love between people is unique and extraordinary. The love between people will make us recognize the importance of each in the society. Some individuals have lost hope because of their looks and situations they are undergoing. For example, people who lack finances in the midst of those who have more than enough will feel they are not worthy in society.  Love can compel people to help their friends who don’t have enough to live.  People feel pleased if they are helped because they know that someone is thinking of them. It feels nice to know someone values you in society.

In the world, different countries are undergoing different kinds of problems. Some of the countries are facing war from their neighbors, malicious groups, and internal war. The civil war is mostly politically fueled. The residents of such countries are always on the move to such for safer places to live. It takes love for another country to accept them as refugees. Without love, a lot of lives would be lost, and the world will lose a large population of productive people. Other countries are suffering from hunger. Hungering countries need charity foods to ensure everyone is fed. It is only compassion that can direct another country to donate food and other stuff to help. Countries suffering from an outbreak of diseases like Ebola need more qualified medical personnel to supplement the number of medical doctors they have. Treating such dangerous diseases requires dedication and love from doctors of other countries. Through love, countries unite into various business blocks around the world.

In our communities, people lack some basic needs to make life comfortable. Some cities require enough hospitals and schools whereas others have contaminated environment. The contamination can be as a result of carelessly disposed of wastes, mostly polyethylene bags, and other dangerous chemicals. It is only love that can see individuals donate and participate in activities that can help in the construction of new hospitals and schools. Also, love will tell someone that any waste thrown carelessly is harmful to a neighbor. Through love, the young, the old, the poor, the rich and any other category of people can come together to organize a cleanup of their surroundings.

Indeed, love makes the world go round. Nobody should see love as a burden or punishment. We all must know that people will only show us love if we are also able to love. If you can’t love, you can start practicing to enjoy the benefits of love.

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