List Of Posible Topics For “Othello” Essay

The Green-Eyed Monster

Othello is a study of nature which is psychological. There is the issue of jealousy which is in the essay. Images have been used to present the issue of jealousy in the novel giving different implications on the story. The nature of Desdemona and Othello’s love creates some jealous in the play.

Shakespeare tragic paradigms

There are various models presented in the essay concerning the characters who take different positions. The individuals have different qualities and at the same time represent diverse cultures in the play.

The character study of Othello

Othello has different styles depending on the task taken. Othello plays a professional role in the shaping of her character. Othello has a significant role also to play in shaping the language which seems to be very different from the others.

The character of Desdemona

Shakespeare has the early critics about the future of Desdemona depending on the way he sees her characters in different perspectives. There is so much gentleness in nature leading to passiveness than it was in the past. Desdemona cannot resist this through her behaviors.

Honest lago

The word is frequently used in the essay. Various people trust Lago and also others who distrust him. Lago goes ahead to cultivating the virtue of honesty through different ways. Lagos honesty also gets to the point of disputation.


Lagos motivation is criticized and debated a lot in the novel. The critics are a focus on the destruction of Desdemona and Othello. Coleridge also argued out that Lago is operating out of motiveless malignity.

The seduction scene

The scene three shows very well how Desdemona’s death occurred. Here Othello has to shift his allegiance from Desdemona to Lago in the single view.

The handkerchief

There are so much significance and history about the handkerchief than the people expected. Accounts, in this case, vary in very many ways. Handkerchief plays a significant role in the plot and has a particular symbol in the game.


The race is famous in the monstrous Othello.  So much reawakening attitudes directed towards Newman cites in the contest. She also draws renaissance attitude towards femininity and race.

Lago’s significance

Lago play a crucial role in the game different from the rest of the characters.

The willow sons

The willow song has some importance in the essay. The song is also said to be very famous, and almost every character in the story has the idea about the song.

The murder

Frank says very well that Shakespeare death acts like priest sacrifice. Othello views the death in a very different way. The view is different before and after the murder. Othello used an entirely different during the assassination. He goes ahead and perceives himself in a very different way after he learns the truth about the death.

Black and White

Black and white acts as imagery. The color also creates a thesis on how the representation functions on the play.

Stage history

Othello appears on the stage and the screen.

Tragic miscommunication

The miscommunication, in this case, is in the heart of Shakespeare and the tragedy that follow.

The death of Desdemona

The death of Desdemona had a significant impact on the whole novel and the play.

“Soft you, a word or two”

The case is seen in Othello’s last speech. The speech has its function in the essay. There is so much rhetorical in the speech.

Critical views of Desdemona

The other characters describe Desdemona in different ways. Lago analyzes carefully about the look of Desdemona and Emilia carefully mostly after landing in Cyprus.

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