Life Partner Description (Essay Sample)

Life Partner Description

A life partner should be someone who is not only there to support the other person emotionally, but in financial needs as well. The reality is that, even if 2 people truly love each other, if they do not agree on a lot of things, their relationship could go downhill. One of the main reasons couples split is because of finances; when one of them is not cooperative. They are two individuals who want to fulfill their dreams together and struggling to survive can hinder them.

Money doesn’t buy happiness or contentment, but it makes life a little easier when there is decent food on the table for the both of them to eat. Good food has a positive impact on one’s mental health and this is an important factor in any relationship. If for instance there are already issues prior to entering the relationship, the partner has to be accepting of the person no matter the circumstance. If they are an inspiration to each other, there will be growth. Another trait of an ideal life partner is being open-minded and will allow the person to grow as an individual while in the relationship. Every person has his or her own talent and interests and the life partner should be supportive of this as long as it does not harm them. Having a positive influence on each other is another indication that they have a healthy relationship and it will be a lasting one. People are not perfect and the situations are not always ideal, but with the right kind of love, a person can be motivated to change. It should be a risk that they are both willing to take once they say ‘yes’ to the relationship.

If there are major red flags on the early stages of the relationship, the person has to get out if it right away. Those who are in a relationship have the tendency to stick with whoever they are with out of fear that they might not find anyone better. This mentality is what keeps people from leaving their current relationship even if it is already toxic for them. There are a lot of lonely people in this world and wretched souls prey on that to manipulate someone. If this is the case, the person will be controlled and abused by their partner because they will be deemed as desperate. If manipulation starts to occur, the relationship needs to end because no one deserves this kind of treatment.

There are certain circumstances when the person does not know that the person they are in a relationship with are dealing with mental health issues. If the person refuses to get help, this is another red flag because the other person is already willing to accept the person, but the other one should cooperate. This would be unfair and it is not one’s responsibility to tolerate such behavior. The willingness of the partner to stay in the relationship regardless of what their partner is dealing with is already a sign that he or she is worth keeping. It is hard to find someone who will not stigmatize against mental illness so the person should get help.

Basically, an life ideal partner should be someone who will be there no matter what and is not going to abandon the person despite the challenges they will be facing.

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