Life Of A School Student (Essay Sample)

Life of a School Student

When a person is still studying, school takes up most of their time and the activities they have basically revolve around completing their requirements and grades. At the same time, it also dictates the time they need to get up in the morning or how their schedule will be like.

The first day of school is usually about introducing yourself and knowing how the class will be like. Some students are more curious about who their classmates will be and there are those who want to know if their professor or instructor is nice. There are a lot of things that goes on inside a student’s head on the first day of school because they have questions. The ones who easily settle in are the students that will most likely excel in class because they are not afraid to take on challenges right away. The shy ones usually like to stay in the last row, but when they get out of their shell, they also blossom. The interesting thing is that students have different habits when it comes to studying and how they take on school. Some of them enjoy taking notes in class, reading school books at home and being participative in class. They are the confident students who become the favorite of the teacher. The student who is not cooperative in school usually want to do other activities not related to studying. It could also be that their friends are a bad influence.

When they are faced with decisions like completing school works or hanging out with their friends, some people find it challenging to choose. However, it also depends on the kind of activities that their friends do. This is why the life of a student can be hard as they still tend to make poor decisions that will later on affect their credentials. Even if enjoyment is part of school, it does not mean that they are allowed to engage in bad behavior. Studying should always be a priority and what they do for fun should never interfere with their studies.

Being a well-rounded student means that they are able mix school activities and fun. Students also need to take some time for themselves and enjoy if they are not busy with school work. Their parents should let them do fun activities like sports, arts, and other extra-curricular activities. This will create a good balance in their life because they will get tired with all the school work and might end up not fulfilling any.

A student is not a robot that can function according to how society wants them to because they have their own intellect and talent. Time for school and time for other activities should be well-planned so that both will not interrupt with each other. The student only has to make sure that they finish school requirements before anything else as it is their priority. When they know how to manage their time already, they will not have a problem having time for both. If they have true friends, they will understand if the person cannot join them because of homework.

The life of a student is full of challenges, but fulfilling at the same time once they are finished with school. Their parents will be proud of them and they will have a good career ahead of them.

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