Life Is What You Make It (Essay Sample)

Life is what you make it

It is no secret that death is imminent. For the living, to make your life as interesting and happy as possible is a personal responsibility.  Humans are the architects of their own destiny and they spend each moment of their lives ensuring they make the best out of it for the present time and resources to guarantee them a better future.

There is no perfect definition of a good life. We are all different and our diverse backgrounds and environments influence our perception and understanding of life’s perfection. We therefore cannot remain constant in a constant whirlpool of dynamic things that happen around us. Therefore, finding the perfect definition of your life in religion, books, advice, school or anywhere is bound to have flaws. Life is what you make it. Therefore, you do not have to live a perfectly defined life, but rather make your life the definition of perfect. Imperfection is human and it is evaluated through the lens of people under different circumstances. Their definition cannot perfectly match or fit in your situation since the variables that make it happen are not the same in your life.

As a captain of my soul all the parameters that go into my later life are within my control. For those optimistic of a better life visualize it and then endeavor to have it. This gives an individual leverage on how to bring together the factors that favor his/her dreams while avoiding the unfavorable factors that jeopardize his/her chances of success. To bring these factors together is increasing the odds to your life thus ensuring it is the best you can ever have.  Every individual has the steering wheel and power to make the best of his life and leave the legacy he/she visualizes.

We all build our lives, a day at a time envisioning better future. All the resources, efforts and decisions made today have a significant bearing into our future and they edge us closer to the life we envision or draw us away from our life goals. Thus, the decision of today define our lives tomorrow. For those who are cautious about their decisions and the effort they put into having a better future, their work is reflected in their lives later. Stacking odds to our favor is the very definition of making life. All around us are diverse choices that lead to different destinations and therefore the work of any individual is to choose their destination and walk that road.

Indecision and ignorance also are also choices. They also make a different kind of life for those who opt for them. Their life is driven by ‘autopilot’ and they are never in control of the circumstances that define their future. Mostly, these people live a miserable life of material scarcity and mental imbalance. If they never wake up from this slumber they live their whole life living below their worth. The society is ashamed of them and other people exploit their ignorance to their own advantage. They blame the society and other people for their plight while their situation is of their making. They become a burden to their friends and relatives and the government. These people who live this kind of life are the architects of their destiny and their problems should be blamed on them solely.

Therefore, for every individual must find the purpose for their life and coin their way to their destiny. They must make informed decisions to control the various factors in their life. This is the only proven means of leading a happy interesting life. If they neglect this responsibility to actualize their life dreams, they will have made other detrimental decisions that often lead to sad empty life.

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