Life Is An Eternal Teacher (Essay Sample)


Everyone in this world once is born and goes through various stages in life. Each of the stages is marked by events that are aimed at shaping the person’s life in terms of behaviors, beliefs and abilities. Immediately as one is born, they get to learn how to suckle their mother’s breasts, how to roll the eyes and eventually get to learn how to sit, crawl and walk. The teachings of life do not end at the walking stage but it is a continuous process that keeps one’s life on check until the day of death.

It is indeed true that in every happening in one’s life they get to learn a certain lesson that they had not learnt before. Sadly, most of these lessons are learnt the hard way and one has to undergo a painful experience for them to realize that what they believed before was not the truth but reality brings them to the facts.

Life teaches us to be patient. After lots of bolting behaviors over the young age one gets to realize that their turn is still there for them to do whatever they are supposed to do. Most of the young people tend to behave in behaviors that are extremely aggressive and sometimes it is annoying to those who have come of age. The reason for this is that the aged have been there and done that and therefore there is nothing new as they already know they once behaved in such manners but life has taught them over time that it always is better to wait for the right time.

When one is still young and at the prime of their times, there is that feeling that this stage will last forever as they go having fun and enjoying life in all mannerisms. However, a time comes when all these fun seems like just vanity. When one comes of age, when there are fewer friends to hang around with, no office to wake up every day to, when everyone around seems busy on their own important matters, then one gets a damning lesson of life that the fun of the youthful stage is not for all the years.

In the course of life, one learns how good and important it is to come to the help of others when they need us most. Helping others when they are badly in need is like sowing a good seed to others a seed that we expect to grow and bear good fruit in an unknown time in the future. This is to say in other words that what goes round always comes around as one will at some point in life be in some kind of trouble and those to whom he offered assistance will be glad and kind to extent an hand of help.

In life there are many challenges that one cannot understand unless they have gone through them. Some of these complex challenges exist in relationships and especially the long term relationships such as a marriage commitment. There are so many funny stories out there about marriage relationships with some in support and even others criticizing marriages. The mistake comes in when one is forced or decides to believe the stories rather than the real life experience on marriage. Once one gets on board, they are better placed to now see and experience in real life what ups and what downs there exists in relationships. This makes life the best and even eternal teacher in all peoples’ lives. One has to live and each and every day expect to receive a lesson from teacher life as this teacher will never grow weary until one goes back to the soil.

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