Life Is A Mystery (Essay Sample)

Life is a mystery

The world is full of mysteries since the beginning of time; there have been several incidences that boggle our minds. Folk stories have been handed down to us explaining some of these mysteries, but they cannot fully explain the true meaning of certain life mysteries. The world is interesting and amazing. Several events occur every day with some being good while others are bad. However, some of these things go beyond our understanding. That is why many people simply conclude that these events are the mysteries of life.

Of all the mysteries of life, what puzzles people the most is the mystery of self. Everyone keeps on asking himself ,who am I, where do I come from, where am what and I going is my purpose on earth. All these questions baffle everyone at one point in life. For centuries, several scientists have tried to understand life; Isaac Newton explained the nature of forces and motion using three laws. Charles Darwin explained the diversity of species, while Mendeleyev defined family composition. Watson and Crick explained the molecular foundation of life, but none of them have defined what life is.

No one knows where we are heading to, the only thing we know is that one day we will exit this world; therefore, all we can do is to be happy and look on the bright side of life. Nobody has ever solved some of these mysteries .Scientists have investigated some of the mysteries of life using several theories. Scientists have suggested that life is something that can metabolize; it needs the energy to grow. People have spent their entire life investigating the true meaning of life wanting to know why certain things happen to them but not to others.

Throughout history, strange events have been documented that we cannot explain why they occurred. Religion is used to translate some of these mysteries stating that everything happens because God wants us to learn from these mysteries. These mysteries, whether we experience them or read about, they teach us some lessons in life. The main question that humans struggle to understand is our mortality.  History reveals how the mountains have risen above the sea levels and with time crumbled down, we see sea waves rise from the ocean.

We see many strange events for instances, people are born every day while others die the same day. When I observe all these, it is not surprising that we wonder if there is permanence in life. Many people hold to the idea that life begins at birth and end with death. People are born to live for some years, and then die. If you give it a careful thought, you could be pessimistic about our existence. For years, saints, sages, Yogis have sought to explain the nature of true self-proclaiming that human life holds the superlative potential.

Studies reveal that people have profound wisdom given by our creator, but the challenge is how to interpret this wisdom meaningful to understand ourselves. To understand ourselves, we need to look at our inner self and reflect on the question, who am I, why I am here and what is my purpose on earth. Understanding life is beyond our common understanding that is why need spiritual guidance to solve some of the lie mysteries. Since humans live up to a certain period, we cannot solve all the life mysteries; we can only seek for spiritual guidance to understand who we are and our main purpose on earth. By knowing our purpose, and ourselves we will understand what life is and what our sole purpose as human beings.

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