Life Is A Beautiful Movie (Essay Sample)

Life is a beautiful movie

Have you ever imagined of yourself in the midst of a two-hour movie surrounding your experience in life? From the tender age of a child, a person observes his or her life as a beautiful movie hence they become the movie makers and directors. The critical factor in ensuring that life becomes a beautiful movie is making of choices. A reflection of the past lives as an adult reveals both good and bad incidences that are based on the choices selected in the past. In such circumstance, one has to undergo the numerous high points and low points at both comedy and drama end. There is also moments of motivation, a feeling of young, coming of age and growing into old age. On a separate note, people have to experience challenges and points of failures. Therefore, the movie of life may be composed on beautiful and scary sceneries as well as victory joyful moments. Therefore, life is comprised splendor and tragedy moments that pass by as is a beautiful movie.

Interesting movies usually have characters that do not understand the situations they are in. in most cases, they remain in dilemma and reveal irony of their actions to the audience. Thus, they end up in unknown situations hence they always have no choice but to cope with such situations. They stay away from the comfort situations and are determined to face the fate that befalls them. Therefore, it is important for the characters to find better ways to overcome such issues and make the best of the chances that may help them move away from such hardships. Alluding from the filmmaking scenario, life is also an experience of a movie, in most cases, people become unaware of what they do. However, some come to appoint and compare their own lives with others and reflect on the actual plots to have a novel experience that is out of the ordinary.

The tragic and beautiful moments in life are usually portrayed in a reflective and engaging manner that gives humankind the stature for survival. This is portrayed especially in tragic moments which bring optimism. In some cases, people are faced with struggles, hate, and torments. In such situations, some less fortunate people are shown compassion and love while others undergo such rough endeavors and eventually become successful. These people appreciate the experience gained in such tough moments to live better lives which are usually beautiful. During such hardship moments, hope is usually the light that shines comfort and reassurance. The hope in a person usually brings him back on track and encouragement to stay bold not to give up. However, losing hope results to surrender the will to live.

Life as a movie is usually directed by the person who owns the life. The different scenes are determined by the same individual and the sequence of events is tamed by the same person. The beautiful sceneries that bring happiness to life, as well as the negative repercussions, can be controlled by the persona of the movie. However, in some instance, there are events in life that are beyond a person’s control. Some people believe that their own lives are not determined by chance instead of by partial choices they make. Thus, the unexpected hardships and challenges are normally exhibited to help them grow. This is accomplished through examination of the source of the challenge, the reason why a person puts his life in such situation and the response to such circumstance.  It is important to appreciate hardship even if it is not a choice in life. These hardship scenes come either consciously or unconsciously.

In life, some events do not happen for a reason hence they are unfair. For example, an examination of the war-torn nations and poverty stricken third world nations reveal victims of war and poverty. These events are not imposed by these victims to themselves.  Even though some people succumb to such situation till death, others have the will to survive and later enjoy the fruits of their hard labor. This provides different contrasting scenarios of good and bad feelings about life.

In conclusion, many people are unaware of the real beautiful movie they usually create and direct in relation to their personal lives. However, through the reflection of the various hardships and good aspects of life one has experienced, they usually bring about both scary and beautiful scenarios that make life an enjoyable movie. The reflection of such events normally makes a person longing to experience more in life hence in most cases people are hopeful that someday things are going to be all right instead of choosing to die as the only option.

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