Life In Forest (Essay Sample)

Life in Forest

Forest is mostly defined as a piece of land containing many trees. The trees are of different heights and types. Some trees are hardwoods, the indigenous trees, and some soft woods, exotic trees. Forests support life for the various animals living it. The forests serve as an ecosystem supporting lives of both carnivorous and herbivorous animals. In life today one doesn’t have to walk into the woods to appreciate the worth of forests. The forests are actually with us in our homes and offices.

In life, in the forests, animals use the trees around them for survival. The animals use the trees as their shelter from rain and scorching sun. The animals see trees as their safe home. A home they understand best. The animals also use trees leaves to make beddings for their young ones and even for themselves. In our ordinary human life, we don’t have to go to the forest and experience the shelter or protection of trees. In homes today, we have houses built with woods; we can always feel the protection it gives us. By looking at the several houses modeled with the finest architect we have, people can know that indeed a forest acts as our protection. Just like animals use trees to make beddings so the humans too. People use trees to make beds, blankets, and mattresses.

To the animals, trees are their food and medicine. Every person on earth today need not run into the forest to test the medicinal and food value of trees. Some trees have been used to manufacture food stuff for human consumptions. Some trees are currently used to make beverages and others to produce edible food. Most medicines are manufactured out of trees with medicinal values. People have come from the direct herbs indigenous people used to a well scientifically medicine made from trees. By consuming such drugs, we continue to appreciate that our lives depend on the forests.

In the woods, there are both hardwoods and softwoods. Many of us might not get the opportunity to witness the soft and hardwoods. From our homes, we can always see the works of hardwoods and softwoods. From the living room to the bedroom we have these types of woods around us. One can tests whether his furniture is made of softwood or hardwood by trying to sink a nondestructive object into the furniture. If the testing object sinks easily into the furniture, it is softwood, and if it sinks with a lot of resistance into the furniture, it is hardwood.

Some trees have sweet aromatic smell in the forests. Currently, we don’t have to go and feel the sweet smells; it’s with us in homes, offices and religious places. At home we have perfumes made out of the sweet smelling trees; some blankets are manufactured from the nicely smelling trees from the forests. In religious places, people burn incense which produces a sweet smell. The sweet smells in our homes mean that we don’t have to walk deep into the forest to feel the pleasant smell.

Truly, life today is life in forest. We don’t have to walk into a forest and see the need of trees; it is within our vicinity. And therefore, at all cost, we must continue protecting the forests for future generation to also live in forest.

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