Life In A Metro City (Essay Sample)

Life in a Metro City

It is a dream of most individuals to live in an area with modern infrastructure, guaranteed job opportunities, accessible industries, transportation, and housing. Amidst the glamor of security lights at night, technology is a tool of convenience to everyone and making money is the top priority. That kind of fancy life has for long been associated with metro areas. Rural-urban migration continues to be a challenge to many countries with the growth of metro cities. The rich resources endowed at the urban regions lure village men to seek refuge and source of income in the cities. No reason to worry about the densely populated towns for where monetary and better life incentives exist, there is a will to forgo such imaginations.

The office suits and industries at the metro cities create a beautiful scenario of how exciting and enjoyable life would be in such places. Indeed, these cities pose great benefits to individuals such as the exposure to the best of facilities be it hospitals, colleges, knowledge and access to current technology advancement. The city offers better jobs with proportionate remuneration and also wider exposure to goods and services. Compared to life in a village or rural place, massive opportunities tend to skew towards the metro area. For instance, almost all kinds of foods are readily available in a metro city while in the rural, only the foods planted at that particular area are the ones available. Hence, one can lead a healthy life with a balanced diet and cheap food, unlike other places. Moreover, it is never difficult to move around at whatever time with the easily available transport system.

Sociologically, the huge number of people form a perfect social interaction cycle and even business partners and customers contrary to less-populated places. The modes of entertainment are plenty making life enjoyable, exciting and thrilling. The entertainment sites enrich metro life making it one of the kind way beyond living in any other place. In spite of all the fascination the metro city life offers, there are huge costs attached to it.  The large population crowded in small areas poses a housing challenge leading to slum creation and expansion. Life in such places is never a fairy tale. Insecurity, shelter, food, clothing and sanitation becomes part of one’s life. Finding a job that pays well becomes a dream in a metro city drawing one to temporary blue-collar jobs that pay pennies not worthy to sustain a life. Unlike in suburbs, to acquire something be it food or housing require monetary which in itself is a rare substance with the competition inherent in the populous region.

The living standard of a metro city is quite high making the allure of better jobs and facilities fade away once inside. The attractive salary withers away with superfluous expenses leaving one worse off as someone living in a village without a job. Nonetheless, the lucky ones with creative, talented and educational endowment do get lucky and outdo the city challenges. Traffic is another nightmare accustomed to city life. One has to spend hours of doing nothing due to slow transportation affected by the many people accessing the city or their workplaces.

The congestion stirs pollution that can be a cause of many infectious diseases. Hence, posing a high risk of contracting illness in a metro city, unlike other unpopulous regions. In relation to population, water scarcity is another problem that escalates disease spread, preventable deaths and promotes poor sanitation.  The busy schedules of individuals to cope up with the economy and financial demands makes life here mechanical with little social interaction. The interaction tends to center along common goals of either business deals, church activities or entrepreneurial groups. Money drives a metro city life. Therefore, a happy life in a metro city is relatable to having money. With this, one can enjoy its benefits otherwise, the challenges will carry the day making life miserable.

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