Learn English Through Essay Writing

We are more than confident that English is easy to learn through essay writing. We have written this great article for you to enjoy and to learn how you can benefit from learning English with the best and easy-to-comprehend methods. learn-English-through-essay-writingLearning English through essay writing is a method that helps ESL students from other countries to master English along with improving their writing skills dramatically.

Writing essays as a teaching method

There are different methods of learning English, and essay writing is one of them. Usually, the methods are divided according to such criteria. The criteria relate to the use of students native language. Recent studies showed that both conscious and unconscious approach to studies and a number of acquired language related skills, developed during the learning process, contribute greatly to fast learning of English.

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Essay Writing

According to the research, a method of learning English through essay writing is called conscious method of studying English (as far as a student understands what he is writing about). If an ESL student develops reading and writing skills,  avoiding the use of the mother tongue, he will English much faster than his fellow students. The conscious aspect of learning process is rather a plus than a minus of the method. As far as the unconscious methods work with the subliminal mind, the results of such learning strategies are oftentimes put to argument.

The ideal way of learning a foreign language is considered in combining all  four basic language skills that includes talking, listening, reading and writing. However, it is difficult to combine, for example, the tasks on listening with writing exercises during a short lesson. The priority should be given to one or two of the skills while the remaining two are developed additionally.                                                     learn-English-through-essay-writing

Learn English through Essay Writing Practice

Everyone should decide on their own which skill is prerogative. Learning English through writing essays will be good for students, who work with written English (write documents and articles or intend to become writers). It is also a good training for students who are going to take their exams in English or apply to a college or university. When writing college admission assignment, they will have to write an essay in English. People, willing to work abroad, will also face the necessity to write a motivational letter. Do not underestimate the importance of good written and spoken skills of English! Quite frequently it has the dramatic impact with positive outcome.

Combining methods

It would be great to combine several  methods like the reading and the language learning.

English Learning and Essay Writing Methods

The reading method was created by M. West. It wasfirst used in the USA, where it still stays pretty popular. It emphasizes the importance of reading and comprehension of the text. West supposed that the receptive activities such as reading and listening  were primary. The productive activities which imply producing information were secondary. Reading he thought to be easier than listening. That is what the method is based on.

Using  his methods a student can read some texts, either authentic or adapted, according to the level he possesses. Then he may try to retell it. If students use collected books, then it would be great to do the exercises after the texts. Giving the right answers means you’ve done well and that you have understood everything or the most part of the text.

For developing talking and listening, you may try tandem or dual English learning. It means that you find a person from another country wishing to learn your language and you both swap classes of different languages. You can either meet in person or talk during the online-sessions. The point is you will be teaching while studying. Isn’t that great? No confusion, no fear that you will get a bad mark or be laughed at. You are in the equal conditions with your tandem partner. This method is also great because it provides you with the unique knowledge of another country, its cultural standards and psychological peculiarities.  learn-English-through-essay-writing

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