Leaders Who Changed The World (Speech Sample)

Leaders Who Changed the World


Globally, countries are in need of leaders who are not corrupt, who are brave and valiant to take a stand when it is needed. People from all over the world are exceedingly growing in terms of population and knowledge. There are many dilemmas and issues that must be tackled and faced head on. The people need representatives who are skilled and qualified in speaking out for the truth and for what is just. There are different types of leaders. The good ones and the bad. The bad leaders only have the authority and title but couldn’t really lead since they have their own selfish motives and intentions. All their actions are for their own glory and fame. The quality of a good leader goes beyond the title and the authority given. It focuses more on the productive results that a leader has accomplished. There is no hard nor fast rule for leadership. It takes time to grow and to be the person that everyone is expecting a leader to be. It takes experience, years of suffering and sacrifices to understand what it really means to live. Some world leaders were born with a golden spoon on their mouth. They are rich and everything they want is provided for them. They do not have to work hard for it. However, an excellent kind of leadership knows how to exert an extra mile to accomplish feats. There is no easy way but to take the long hard and narrow road to success. Every failure leads to a greater height, and additional wisdom on how to lead the people. A good leader never backs down after one failure or mistake, he climbs up and shrugs off the negative things that will hold him back from accomplishing the huge responsibility set before him in upholding the rule of the land, taking care of the people and in handling even his own personal issues and problems within the family.

The Qualities of a Great World Leader

The likes of Mother Theresa, Former President Abraham Lincoln, former baseball player Babe Ruth, former basketball player Michael Jordan and an old-time boxing champion Muhammad Ali are all leaders in their own respective fields of endeavor. They left a legacy for others to follow and become legends themselves. These people are real life superheroes who do not need capes to be one. Their goodness and resilience won the hearts of the people. What made them such? How did they do it? It wasn’t because they wanted success for themselves but because they were doing all those sacrifices for other people, to give people a better life, to show them that there is more to life than suffering, these were the exemplary goals and visions of these world class leaders. They did not have to pay to make them famous or to acquire a high reputation. Their good deeds made them millions of followers all over the world that even in the death of some, their story continues. There are people who have testimonies of how these leaders have helped and encouraged them to fight in life and to never stop hoping. It is not an easy task to be placed on the spotlight because other people will twist the honesty and goodness of a person. A good leader is also a great listener, since he studies the plight of the poor and the oppressed, so later on he creates a strategy or a plan to help solve the most impossible situations. There is always hope for a leader who believes in the goodness that every man brings.

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